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  1. i sent my with camera to sea&sea as mine was one of the first they shipped, so it's mine that's moddel for the fix. i think it was some of the rubber nobs and some adjustments that has to be done. the thing i think is a little sad is that mine was one of the first and they still ship faulty ones.
  2. Sadly a common problem on mdx d-500 housings that sea and sea are well known of and still they don't fix from factory. You will either need to send it in for fix or ask if they could send you the kit for fix it. As info every one i know in Sweden using d500in sea and sea housing (7 housings) had a faulty version that had to be sent in to be fixed
  3. Hi, The sea&sea optical ttl converter for the nikon d500 and mdx-d500 housing. I've been trying to get some information from S&S about the since 6 months promised TTL converter but no luck, so i wonder if there is anybody here ho had heard anything about it. a lite background story, in june there was information that the old d7100/d800 converter should work but in august it was changed to a new software was developing, now 6 months later there is no information what so ever and impossible to get any answers from S&S. So I wonder if S&S is abanding the Nikon cameras and only developing for Canon now as they announces a date to their ttl converters whit in a month from the release of the housing.
  4. Hi from Sweden i'm a under and over photographer from northern Sweden, current setup is s&s mdx-d500 and ikelite d7000 whit a lots of strobes
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