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  1. It's pretty decent, I was surprised with some of our results. Definitely need a light...
  2. Well I went with Z100 in the Gates housing, spending a month doing deep reef research in the Philippines through May. I'll try to post some results for those interested.
  3. Anyone here have any experience with the Sony Z100? I'm leaning most heavily towards this in combination with the Fathom port on the Gates housing...
  4. The Solas work still deeper than 100m, you just have to have them "on"
  5. I'm curious if anyone has started to do a breakdown on the current 4k options at the prosumer level with housing options already on the market or announced. I've seen a number of mentions on specific cameras but no comparisons, so I will start with listing what is currently available to my knowledge, and what we know of that might be interesting down the line. If you feel inclined, please comment with additions, pro/cons, opinions, experiences, etc: Sony FDR-AX100 - Aditech Housing available (anyone have experience with this housing manufacture?) Sony FDR-AX1 - Gates Z100 housing compatible Sony PXW-Z100 - Gates housing available, Nauticam to release housing in next 6 months Sony NEX-FS700 - Subal housing available Blackmagic Cinema - Nauticam housing available Blackmagic Production - Nauticam housing available Panasonic GH4 - Selux announced housing, possible Nauticam GH3 fit Canon 1DC - Aquatica, Nauticam, Sealux housings available I'm sure I have missed a number of cameras and housings, so please add to the list. If you have experience shooting any of these, insight would be welcomed. Beyond this the it looks like prices start to go through the roof for full setups such as a Sony F-5/55 or the RED Cameras. The AJA CION certainly looks like an interesting camera as well, but who knows when it will be released followed by a housing, though I would suspect some of the housing manufacturers are already working on this one. Best, Elliott
  6. Hello- My name is Elliott, I work at a scientific institution... I currently shoot both a Sony RX100 II as well as a Canon 7D... I'm very interested in 4k!
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