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  1. Hi, very interested in this set up, can you please email some more pictures over and where are you located? I am in the uk so what would postage/shipping costs be? email address - michaelallanwright@gmail.com cheers Michael
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone, the cost of a 2nd hand housing for my camera is a lot more than I was expecting so going to have to review what I am able to go for or wait a while so funds can build up
  3. Keeping it simple as the title shows Wanted a housing for a Canon 40d, not fussed on make but would like dome included so can shoot straight away Cheers for looking Michael
  4. Hi Is this still available and would you sell the housing without the camera? Cheers Michael
  5. Im new to forum as well and found that once I had posted a question / reply to an existing post the icon at the top changed to allow me to post a new topic, not sure if this is quite the correct responce but its worked for me
  6. Any chance of some pics of the set up, very interested as cant find reasonable priced set up for a canon 40d, cheers michael
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