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  1. Hi Tom, can you send me an email risck@risck.com? Thanks,
  2. Hi Wydeangle, do you still have the housing. ? Where do you live? Best.
  3. - Nauticam D800 housing, marine aluminum, access to all controls, 2 connections for fiber optics. Depth of use 100 meters. You can mount Subal or Nauticam domes. It is sold as it comes from the factory, without the extras on the pictures. Only small shallow scratches and stains. 1950 Euros. Camera body Nikon D800, full format and 36 megapixels. 1300 Euros. (Can be sold separately)
  4. Semi fish eye, INON UFL-MR13. Lens of spectacular effects. Saga sells with adapters for Nauticam or Isotta designed for the Nikon 60 mm, but also works with another different adapter for the Canon 60 mm. Optionally, I have a flash of optical fiber, designed by Saga, with adapter for flash Inon Z-240, but also it might adapt to similar others. New it was costing more than 1000 Euros only the lens. I sell for 590 Euros, the Inon lens plus the 2 adapters Saga.
  5. Light and Motion Bluefin Oled video housing for Sony CX550 or Canon Legria HFG- 25 or the like. OLED monitor with built back. Macro flat port and close-up lens. 145º W.A dome (which is no longer manufactured) It carries a shadow as extra for the monitor, and a piece made expressly to set a spoiler at the top. Replacement of almost everything, including the shoe where the camera is mounted. Also I have a HFG-25 Legria as a separate option. I want to go to 4k. You can see the results in www.vimeo.com/risck New cost around 5,000 euros, sell for only 2,975 Euros.
  6. Green Force, HID 150 Squid , with 2 HC batteries and 2 chargers, 2 adapters for housing. Various spare parts. If you want to see the result: http://www.vimeo.com/risck 690 Euros per couple, far less than half of its original list price.
  7. GLP8 Gates Pole II R2 copia.pdf I'm selling this Pole with only one trip of use. Of course, it's in perfect conditions. Take a look to the pdf file to see their characteristics. You can see the results on www.vimeo.com/risck
  8. Hi, anyone has the results of this 2011 Contest. The web site is not update, and I tried several times to contact with the organizers with no results ???? Thanks,
  9. For Sale: 2 video lamps, Squid 150 W HID (Green Force) + HC batterys. Perfect conditions.
  10. Hi Opisto, its PAL. The WB is Auto (take a look to the Gates web site). I´m in Spain. The price depends on what did you want to buy, think that just the Phatom port is more expensive than the housing. It´s a big guy.
  11. Hi Muck fish, the price for just the SWP25B is 1.800 Euros.
  12. 4.100 Euros all included, except the camera. Marcel, is a PAL camera. Sorry, I don´t understand the second part of your question.
  13. Including camera, housing, wet alarm and Domes FP44 y SP44. Close up lens or orange filter. Monitor HD, EM43. You can buy it all togheter, or separately.
  14. Bought in December 2009. Including camera, housing, wet alarm, and Lenses Phatom SWP25B and Macro FP 25. You can buy it, all togheter or separately.
  15. I´ve won last year the gold medal in video, but never received the prize. This year I´ve won the silver medal, but....I´dont´know wich is the prize, instead ask for it more than 5 times by email. !!! Next year of course, I´m not going to participate.
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