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  1. Our friends at ScubaJunkie have been exploring the reefs fringing the East coast of Sabah, Malaysia. It's been labelled the Sipadan Barrier Reef due to its proximity to Sipadan. Scubazoo went diving there and we put together a 60sec edit. Let me know what you think...
  2. Hi Elisabeth, Sorry - we're only selling the whole package. Price has been lowered to USD9,500 in hope of a quick sale.
  3. Relax and enjoy some mellow mood music and weird jellies
  4. Just published this week's 'in 60 seconds' video - Komodo.... Enjoy!
  5. Scubazoo are selling a complete underwater HD filming package. This camera and housing are considered broadcast standard for HD productions and it has been used as primary underwater camera on shoots for NatGeo, Discovery and the BBC. It is in excellent condition. Cost new is approx USD25,000. 1 x Gates EX1 underwater housing 1 x EM43 Monitor 1 x Internal flip Diopter system 1 x Microphone 1 x SWP44C Super Wide Port (Cleaned in internally and serviced at Fathom in August 2013 - slight water spots visible on exterior but doesn't affect image) 1 x FP44 Flat Port (for close-up work) 1 x SP44 Standard Port 1 x Seal Check system 1 x Misc extras - spare o-rings, trim weights 2 x Storm iM2750 cases 1 x Sony PMW-EX1 camcorder (660hrs use) 1 x 8GB SxS card 1 x Standard cables 1 x BP-U30 battery 1 x Sony BC-U1 battery charger 1 x Petrol roller carry bag 1 x Convergent NanoFlash HD Recorder 1 x Gates NanoFlash EX1 mount 1 x 32GB CF card 1 x CF card reader 3 x batteries to power NanoFlash 1 x NanoFlash battery charger We're selling the whole package for USD12,000 plus shipping from our office in Malaysia. More images on our blog
  6. Ha ha... yep would have loved to shoot some of that @240FPS or faster.... bring on the dragon!
  7. We put together some fish strikes to a soundtrack with some beats. Best played at 1080P with annotations on. Hope you enjoy....
  8. Sounds exciting.... absolutely up for a test shoot. I'd suggest somewhere like Nusa Lembongan where it's relatively cheap to dive, we can expect good vis and there is some delicate colourful reef to show off the detail it can get. If the sensor is that good then we need some decent conditions to do it justice. I was excited about those cine-mod's so if you can get them working before Jan next year then we might be able to use them in Sri Lanka. Drop me an email when you think you're getting close to making it happen.
  9. Hey Drew, We almost always use the nanoflash so I'm assuming he did on that shoot. The Sri Lankan project is an 18 month shoot (three part series) with UW and terrestrial shoots ongoing. That was the first shoot so I wouldn't expect it to TX before 2015. I'll most likely be back early next year for more cetaceans and some reef diving with the Epic as well. R
  10. Here's the second of our short, sweet, 60 second edits. Shot by Simon Enderby on Sony PMW-EX1R in a Gates housing with SWP-44C aspheric port. Feedback welcome as always.
  11. That is a big school of barracuda! Great shot. Lovely clear water too. I think the school of jacks is more impressive at Sipadan than the barracuda these days. It's huge and constantly patrolled by white tip reef sharks and GT's. Best part is that they hang in the same place and you don't have to fight the current to film them!
  12. Ha Ha! No thanks! We still have a box full of LMI HID's here
  13. Hey David Thanks for the feedback. We're playing with some of the 4K footage that Simple shot after the dome shoot in July. Unfortunately it was filthy dark and stormy (just our luck) so it doesn't really do the format justice. Roger
  14. We've been working on a few edits for our Scubazoo YouTube channel recently. One thread we're going to develop is the '60 second' style. We'll be posting a new video on YouTube every week featuring either a different location, animal, or theme. This is our first attempt, and an obvious choice given we are based nearby. In the edit queue are Maldives, East Timor, Komodo and a few others. The footage was taken from our stock footage library and the bulk of it was shot using the outstanding Sony EX1 and Gates housing combination. It would be great to hear feedback or (constructive) criticism. If anyone has any suggestions for '60 second' themes I'd be happy to hear them. You can subscribe to our channel here. Hope this video brings back good memories for anyone who has been to Sipadan or maybe inspires people to visit for the first time. Best watched in 1080P.
  15. Scubazoo are selling a used Sony HVR-Z1U HDV camcorder together with a Gates FX/Z1 housing and SWP44 wide angle port. Lots of accessories such as batteries, chargers, pelican case, wide angle adapter etc included. New this cost over USD15,000. Package price is USD3,000. Full details on the Scubazoo website http://www.scubazoo.com/updates/blog/used-sony-hvr-z1u-and-gates-fxz1-housing-package-for-sale/
  16. I'll let the entire package go for USD3,000 or sell the light heads alone (no batteries) for USD2,000
  17. Scubazoo are selling a used underwater video light package consisting of the following: 2 x Greenforce Squid 250W light heads 2 x Greenforce FIII battery 2 x Fast Charger 2 x Ultralight arms and clamps Mounting tray for Gates housing Pelican case The lights have a lumen rating of 3500 and a super wide 110 degree beam with no hot spots. For a full description take a look at the lights on Greenforce’s Website The RRP for the whole package is USD 5,000 They’re in great condition and we’re selling them for USD 3,500 not including shipping and insurance. For photos of the lights please visit Scubazoo's website Please email me if you're interested.
  18. The housing comes complete with a carry handle, left and right grips, a standard SP44 perspex dome, pelican case, UR PRO blue water filter and an o-ring kit. The retail cost of this setup new is approx USD8000 I'm selling for USD4500 plus shipping You can see images and a PDF feature sheet here
  19. I can't split the package unfortunately. The monitor is the standard definition version. I will include a mixed bag of spare parts FOC.
  20. Gregory Colbert talks about his 30 year project 'Ashes and Snow' which has been seen by over 10 million people so far at the nomadic museum.
  21. It's great that you've seen this as well... I guess it rules out hunting as your mantis is not anywhere near prey. I'll be interested to see what Dr Caldwell comes back with. Roger
  22. Thanks Leslie I could swear that it was already doing this behaviour when I came upon it and I've certainly shined lights at many mantis shrimp in the past without that sort of thing happening.. BUT.. it was a long time ago! Sounds like Dr Roy knows what he's talking about so I'll take that as gospel. Thanks very much for following up Leslie, much appreciated
  23. Thanks Leslie, I'm sure it must be some hunting technique to cope with moving schools of fish but I'd love to hear from someone who's seen it as well. I've seen them do a single somersault when digging out burrows but only once have I seen one go crazy like this.
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