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  1. I really doubt it. There are usually small differences in the button locations or camera body dimensions that make them unique. Scott
  2. Price drop... $350 Someone out there needs a housing for their S95 I just know it!
  3. Thanks for the replies. I am going to go ahead and get a Z-240. Seems like that would be the best way to go. Scott
  4. Correct. It was definitely from the sun shade. I played around with it again last night and I can get it to the point where it doesn't show in the pics but not sure how long that is going to last bumping it around on the boat, dive, etc. The 4 corners still seem to exhibit darkening in most shots (this was just in a bath tub though) which I did not get on my S95 setup. Maybe this was a better lens for the S95 then it is for the Sony? Scott
  5. I love shark pictures and that first shot is awesome! congrats on a great shot. Scott
  6. I am selling my Fisheye Fix S95 housing for the Canon S95 (camera not included). The housing comes in the original box with a spare o-ring and the o-ring removal tool. It is approximately 2 years old and is in very good condition. Housing shows normal wear and tear and has never flooded. Here is a link with more pictures and details of the housing: http://www.backscatter.com/sku/fe-fixs95-sa.lasso Dive Photo Guide did a nice review on the housing here: http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-special-features/atricle/review-canon-s95-fix-fisheye-housing/ $400 plus shipping (usps priority mail ~ $10) reasonable offers considered Thanks, Scott
  7. Sorry. Here are a couple shots taken with the fisheye lens. The turtle was taken zoomed out and you can see the sun shade on the left side. I did rotate the sun shade 90 deg and 180 deg. It must be slightly out of round because the other side of the image was effected when it was rotated. This image is about average, some of them depending on the lighting show darkness on the other edges as well. Maybe this is something else? Not sure. The picture of my daughter was taken zoomed in one click. No issue there. Scott
  8. No. I just post the jpeg right from the camera. Some sights like FB resize the images automatically. I do know that Photoshop can do a batch resize though. I have used it in the past when I was posting to a site that had a file size limit. Scott
  9. I could do that but the reason I prefer to not do that is I don't want to post-process every picture I post online. Most of the pics I post are "good enough" without Photoshop so I just post them as-is. I take my really good shots from a trip (usually just a handful) and post process those. Maybe there is a automated or batch way to do this but I am still pretty new to post-processing too. Scott
  10. So I did try out the UWL-04 in the pool this weekend. Unfortunately the sun shade is noticeable in every shot unless I zoom in to 35mm. I guess its not that big of a deal but I just have to remember to zoom before I start taking shots. Any reason its a bad idea to take all my fisheye shots slightly zoomed in? I'll have to admit the shots were disappointing but the pool was very cloudy and was just shocked so the water clarity for a pool was terrible. Thanks, Scott
  11. ok. I was thinking the Z-240 may have been a better choice only because of the increased power. Unfortunatly I can't justify selling my D-2000 and replacing it with two Z-240's. I guess the best way to go is get another D-2000 and get closer :-) Thanks, Scott
  12. Thanks for the replies. My lens did come with an adapter so I lucked out there. I did try it out of the water and the shots seem crisp all the way to the edge and I did not see the sun shade in the raw shots so bonus there too. I will have an opportunity to test it out in the pool on Monday so we'll see how it looks underwater with my models (my 7 yr old daughter). Scott
  13. Great video. Thanks for sharing. I just got a Sony RX-100 II and a Nauticam housing and haven't been in the water with it yet (very soon though). Your blog has some great info! I already found a couple tricks that will likely save me lots of time and frustration. Scott
  14. I have a single Inon D-2000 type 4 strobe that I use with my Sony RX-100 II / Nauticam housing. I only shoot wide angle (wide angle lens or fisheye lens) of mostly wrecks and large animals. I am looking into getting a second Inon strobe. My question is should I get a D-2000 (to match what I have (GN 17 w/ diffuser)) or get a Z-240 (GN 21 w/ diffuser)? The cost difference isn't that great but I'm just not sure if it will create undesired effects or have no benefit at all. Thanks! Scott
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