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  1. When I go to the 6" Nauticam wide angle port from my 12-50 mm port I have to remove two jumbo float stix so its not overly buoyant.
  2. I use a UCLS tray. Much beefier. But to fit my Nauticam housing better I removed the back lip on the tray and everything fits adjusts better. ML http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=135_17&products_id=423
  3. I don't want to hijack this thread but does anyone know if a plate or system is made for the Ultralite trays tp install the LocLines on? Thanks, ML
  4. What metering are people using of the OMD series of cameras? I bought a OMD E-M10, and many photos seemed a little blue using two YS-01 strobes. I think the camera is picking up enough light and underexposing. I have been using center weighted average. Should I be using digital ESP? Thanks for your advice. ML
  5. Can someone verify that the movement of the zoom gears inside the Nauticam housing move, a lot! I have the 12-50 lens and port, and the spring pressure it exerts when zooming really moves the gears a lot that are mounted on the inside of the case in the upper left. Really looks a spot for early failure, and really sure why Nauticam felt the springs needed to be so stiff. Please look at your housing and see if the same thing is true. Thanks for your help. ML
  6. Hello All. Looking for tips to use my new Oly M10. happy shooting. ML
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