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  1. sorry id dint say what i use. i use imac27" 3.4 i7 with 24gb memory. i use final cut pro 10.0.3 and now i upgrade to resolve lite 10 and my xml from fcp doesnt work in resolve. ithink i should upgrade also fcp to 10.1 lik eyou say to be able my resolve10 to read the xml. when im export from fcp i use the normal export function on project library i choose my clip and go to file-export XML i dont know if i need to upgrade and how to upgrade it.... also i have trouble to do fcp-resolve round trip. i dont know how it works because every time i do it always fail... cheers
  2. helo gangs i just get a trip to Biak north Papua, Indonesia to visit 1 in the world turtle conservation that they have 4 different kinds of turtle in one beach. they have leatherback, green sea, hawksbill and the most they have olive riddle. the name is Saireri paradise foundation (SPF) which locate in Yapen island. SPF already realease more than 7.000 baby turtle in 2014 the video i make is the hole trip from biak to there and back, i get the chance to do 4 dive there because we ony have short time there. but i dive in their best spot. the spot is Mansurbabo atol, Wundi Cave and Catalina wreck. its so beautifull.. the video i make is using canon g15 for underwater and mix of g15 and 7D for land shot. critics and comment are welcome
  3. i have a problem with fcp and davinci round trip and now my fcp xml file cannot open in davinci. i upgrade from resolve9 to 10 and now its cannot works the XML
  4. i like davinci resolve. i use the lite version and it free. i think the different is not subtial to what i need now. th elite is cannot proses 4K and 3D which is i never use that one. so for me is still realy good and super powerfull try to use the tracking and also the stabilize for shaky footage. it unbelivable!!!! i make this comparison to see how the different between raw color and graded color... the left is as is from camera and the right is after i graded the color. it looks the differnt cheers dita
  5. im using resolve 10 at the moment and still learning about the file and color. do you know why my fcp cannot export to resolve 10?
  6. still need to learn about FCP and color corecting in fcp
  7. helo please introduce myself, my name is dita, i live in Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia. its a tiny island between bali and lombok i start diving since 2008 and now i start to make the underwater video with my small camera canon G15 i keen to learn new trick and techniques and realy open to any comments and critics i working In Manta dive as an instructor, but now i do many travel and diving around indonesia from borneo, sulawesi, papua, flores, halmahera cheers dita
  8. helo mas hafidz just reading your article in other forum makes me interest to join one of the biggest foto video community in the world the video you make is realy good and no more shaky i think but i have some issue that the music is too slow so can be bored if we dont have big interest in diving the new rx100 you have is make realy good video compare to the canon before. maybe if we have time to dive together i want to see how it is and maybe we can work together to make good clip cheers dita
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