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  1. hi, what size type of Pelicase do you use or can you recommend for me as checked baggage? It should fit the following: - Miroless housing - Nauticam R5 - Macro Port - Flashes - diopters - tool, arm and clamps - Dome / 8,5 Acryl or the WACP maybe
  2. I use the same combination and just as looking for the right diopter :).
  3. Thanks for your detailed feedback. I am currently using the Canon 15-35mm and the 8.5" dome and I am actually quite happy with it. The fisheye is not necessarily the look which I like, but with the teleconverter I wanted to give it another chance. CFWA is not my goal, but simply more interesting wide-angle perspectives than with the 15-35mm. In conclusion; the 8.5" should not necessarily affect the quality in a negative way or?
  4. Are the optical differences between the two dome ports recommended by Nauticam (Nauticam 8.5" Acryl and 140mm glass) for the Canon 8-15mm immediately apparent or do you have to look very closely at the corners? I am primarily concerned with the use of the Canon 8-15mm with the Kenko 1.4x teleconverter. PS: Camera is a Canon R5 looking forward to your experiences
  5. Any one sell a Nauticam 19538 C815-Z + 1.4 for CANON EOS EF ?
  6. Dont worry Found some endlight cables that work above the water - but i read so often that the 613 cable are the best one. That is why I try to get that
  7. Hi Tim, do you have any of the cable left or do you know a store in Europe that also sells shorter pieces?
  8. I order this one... Lichtfaser mit Kunststoff-Ummantelung 2 mm | Online kaufen - Lichtdekor.de it works great
  9. Anyone sell his Colorfilter for the Backscatter MF1 ?
  10. @Interceptor121 Do you have test the cable underwater? Im looking into the shop... whats with this version? lichtdekor.de - Sternenhimmel, Lichtfaser, LED Streifen, flexible LED Leisten, Beleuchtung - Lichtfaserkabel PMMA 7 x 0,75mm | Online günstig kaufen Should be better or not?
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