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  1. Hi Guys,


    I use FF all the time here. I have the 60mm shimmed with a 12mm extension tube for some close work. A 100mm as a standard go to lens (much prefer the hundred on FF compared to the 7D). I use the 100mm with teleconverters (1.4x and 2x) and also with subsee +5 and +10.


    The 100mm with a +10 subsee is a very versatile setup on a FF camera.






    PS. With regards to Simppu - considering moving back to crop frame; i still have the 7D and i do sometimes use it for super macro, which it is fantastic for. I do sometimes have that feeling of WTF am i using FF for. But then my wife points out to me that the 7D is her camera now, so i shut up!

  2. Thanks guys,


    It was my first try with it. Very hard to light. However i think it does have a purpose for someone like me who lives in a good macro area. However for a holiday diver to potentially waste a dive using it, i dont think it's worth it.


    It's a bit like the Inon Bug Eye lens... Looks cool but as soon as you buy one you realise the limitations very quickly!


    A telescopic port would need to have some kind of pressure equalization system for the changing volume. Nauticam are desiginging something for it and i should hopefully be testing it soon :D

  3. Here is a short video i shot yesterday of the 'Little Green Shrimp.' It was shot here in Lembeh using both the Canon 7D and the Canon 5Dmk3 cameras in Nauticam housings.


    On the 5Dmk3 i used the Canon MP-E 65mm lens set at 4x, and on the 7D i used the 100mmL with stacked 5x and 10x Subsee Dioptres.


    It was, for me, and interesting comparison between the two methods. the MP-E 65 get's built up as an amazing lens but very few take it underwater, and after shooting this i think for the average holiday makers its not worth taking underwater - might as well stack 2 diopters and have more flexibility for almost the same image quality.


    Of course this isnt apples to apples as i would need two of the same camera for that, I will try the MP-E on the 7D soon!



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  4. A like new housing / viewfinder combo for sale. the 5Dmk3 housing is a great piece of machinery but due to circumstances with work i'm looking to move it on.


    Has done about 20 dives, still like new with no blemishes.


    The Aquaview viewfinder is included, and also like new. I have ports available that are not included in this, but can be added if needed.


    Asking $3800USD for housing + viewfinder. Let me know if interested, based in Indonesia but can send to anywhere.

  5. Includes


    1 x sealux PMW-EX1 Housing

    1 x Sony PMW-EX1 Video camera (includes 8gb memory card, standard battery, charger etc)

    1 x Sony PMW-EX1 big battery.

    1 x Sandisk 16gb Memory Card

    1 x Light and Motion Sunray 2000 LED lights

    1 x Sealux Dome Port

    1 x Sony Wide Angle Lens

    2 x Century Optics super macro lens (1 modified to fit housing).

    1 x Sealux extension ring to accomodate the macro lens.



    Can add Sea and Sea lighting arms if needed, but price above does not incude arms. Camera has very minor cosmetic damage from housing entry.


    Hardly used so in good condition.


    For price, $10,000 excluding postage. If the resort isnt busy can stay here for free and pick it up. More photos available on request.




  6. I just started using a 5Dmk3 today, and as im waiting for parts for my flashes im shooing at high ISO - it is very nice. I need to get the 'L' 100mm to take full advantage of the focus speed.


    Back to hardwired flashes is a bit dull but i think using ttl for the past few years made my photography go backwards. More keepers but less stunners when it comes to ttl, imho.


    Edit: I'm a numpty, didnt realise this thread was for the housing type and not just the camera! I'm sure the housing is going to be a great one from Nauticam!

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  7. Not sure why that just posted again.


    It was a nice emoticon, no need to worry! Bosses are a pain eh? Fortunately my boss is being very supportive of my new camera purchases so im happy!


    I did 2 dives today, thankfully no Xeno Crabs! (Harlequin, Bumblebee, Bluering, Falmboyant, Snake Eels and other cool things for you to think about in the cold!).

  8. Thanks for Posting EJ.


    As Serge said, it was a lot of fun having you here. As a side note on this ( to all those people that will now want to find this Shrimp ) EunJae is one of the most gentle (and calm) divers we've had here and i think this comes through in the footage he gets. If you rummage around and push too hard you wont get good images like these.


    So, on top of all the Kudos, +1 for environmental awareness :D

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