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  1. Thanks chaps I have found a workaround that seems to work. I downloaded 'DNG Converter' from the adobe web site. This converts the ARW files to DNG files which can be read by lightroom. I don't know if there are any downsides to this ie loss of information but it seems to work. Regarding the blackmail subscription for light room I agree with Eric. For people like me who are not constantly using the software it just feels like I'm being ripped off and I have no intention of paying a subscription which in the long term will cost me a fortune. I will have a look at the two packages that you guys have mentioned.
  2. Thanks Eric no I haven’t tried that. How do you update. Cheers ian
  3. Hi all Just returned home from a diving trip with a load of Images from my new Sony camera (A6500) all saved in ARW format (Sony's Raw format) and my version of Lightroom refuses to open them. I have lightroom 5 version 5.7.1. I have checked for updates but it says none available. Has anyone come across this? and if so is there a solution? Cheers
  4. Hi. The vacuum system is fantasea’s own and comes with the housing. I guess I won’t know if it is distracting until I get in the water but thanks for the rubber band tip. I agree that the vacuum test is for pre dive and the housing also has a moisture detector (which I hope I never see work). I might be overthinking it, we shall see. Cheers
  5. Hi Is anyone using this housing with the Sony A6500. I've just been trying mine out with the vacuum system before a trip to Indonesia next week. very impressed so far. The only thing I was wondering is after the Vacuum test the led flashes green to indicate everything is OK. (Red if its not). This light seems very bright to me and I was wondering if it times out after a while or does it continue to flash throughout the dive. It may not be bad under water but I'm wondering if it will be distracting. Cheers
  6. I also had problems for a long time using the forgot password link. I kept getting a message that said email had been sent but nothing arrived. Then tried again one day a couple of weeks ago and it worked.
  7. Hi good luck with the ear problem. cheers
  8. I'd like to know why this kit is so much more expensive over here than in the states.
  9. Thanks all and RWE I have that same hole in my finger. Not sure what they are thinking about with that screwdriver. If I can find some of those elbows over here (UK) i might try them if not I'll try and get a cable with bonded end pieces. Also the cable I have is very thin and the more expensive ones look thicker and seem to be recommended for mirrorless and DSLR. Saying that I did try the cable i have and it seemed to trigger the strobe OK.
  10. Can anyone tell me if the bonded end connectors on fibre optic cables such as the Weefine and the sea and sea are a standard size. i have a Sea and Sea YS02 Strobe and a Fantasea FA6500 underwater housing. With the cable I have you have to attach the ends of the cable to the terminal plugs manually with a little screw, but its so tiny it is difficult to get a good nip on it and the end of the cable is prone to popping out. I want to get a one with bonded terminals but I don't know if they will fit at both ends.Cheers.
  11. Hi Ian from the uk looking to improve.
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