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  1. I have the Sea and Sea 45-degree. I like it very much. I believe it is identical to the INON. Must be same manufacturer as they look the same. Check to see if the mount s the same for the housing. My Sea and Sea has two small pins that fit into the plexiglass indents of the MDX housing.
  2. For Sale is my trusty Sea & Sea MDX D810 Housing as I am moving up to the D850. Housing is a couple years old and in very good condition. It has never leaked nor been flooded in the 75 dives I've used it on. It has been carefully cared for. $2500 includes the housing and handles plus used and unused "O" rings Will consider selling the D810 camera and optical flash synch also Thank you for your interest. Bryan
  3. Hello Kim(?), Is the Nautical housing still for sale and do you have any ports to go with it? Thanks, Bryan
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