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  1. Funnily enough, Bibble can read native DNG files (generated by Leica cameras, for example), but cannot read Nikon RAW files converted to DNG formats, even with the original RAW files embedded inside...
  2. Blenny says: "Hey guys, mind if I join in?"
  3. The main advantage of the DNG format (if it is as widely adopted as other formats developed by Adobe) would be ensuring the perennity of our photos (or at least extending their lifespan). Given the fast growth of the digital camera markets, new models appear regularly, each with its own format. How could I be sure that in 25 years, the RAW converters then available (if any?) would still support my D1X RAW format, or that my current RAW converters that do support it will themselves work on the OS available then?
  4. For similar performance at a lower price, Vosonic offer a solid alternative. I've been using one for a couple of months and am really happy with it... http://www.vosonic.com/index.php?PA=produc...&kind_id=12
  5. That seems fairly big. The largest port available from Hugy currently is a fisheyport with a diameter of 17.4cm (although they do accept ports from other manufacturers with an adaptor). If that's the one you have, you'll need a longer extension, probably a 60mm (ref. EXT-6.432). I suggest you check with your local distributor to confirm the reference of the port you own.
  6. Abosolutely correct. If you were on the Ultimate Plan at 30mbps, your December bill should show 100mbps And from what I saw from friends I visited there last week, they actually hit pretty close to this in actual download speed when looking at local and regional content
  7. That's right, but at least you get to throw your peanut shells on the floor
  8. Nice pictures. Counting the days til my next trip there in January...
  9. Actually, we're on 100Mbps for US$75/month here B) But even that's quite slow compared to some guys in Korea and HK who are on 1Gbps
  10. Yes, you need extension ring ref. EXT-6.275 if you use dome port WAP-6.290. But no extension is required with the dome port ref. WAP-6.295.
  11. That's true, but becomes meaningless once you've shot more than 10,000 shots on the camera. The numbering then starts again at 0001... :glare:
  12. Without meaning to get too philosophical here Innovation is a keey factor that drives civilisation. Monkeys remain monkeys because their world essentially stays the same... Now that his is cleared there is certainly space for innovation in UW digital photography. Just look at Alex' filters. Sure, they are filters, and filters have been used for ages in photography, but they are an innovative product, and there are many more (e.g. the fluorescence filters, by NightSea, etc.). And this is just touching on products, but I believe there is an even broader open filed when we move on to compositions, digital editing, etc.
  13. You'll probably need a diopter to use in combination with your 17-85mm and possibly 18-55mm lenses in a dome port. There is an explanation in a current thread here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16449&hl= To answer the rest of your question, you might want to get a macro lens (say Canon 100mm), unless you want to shoot exclusively wide angle shots. Also, you'll probably want to get 1 (or 2) strobe(s), unless you intend to shoot exclusively natural light, or with filters...
  14. To expand on what Luis explained, to maintain a fixed aperture as the zoom lengthens, you need larger glass elements: when you zoom in, the focal length increases, and since the aperture is expressed as a fraction of the focal length, the larger that focal length gets, the larger the glass needs to be to maintain this large aperture. Clear so far? Now, zoom lenses focus (autofocus or manual) at the largest available aperture for a given focal length. So, the other big advantage of a constant aperture zoom is that you'll always focus at the largest, and therefore brightest, aperture available.
  15. It looks like you do need a diopter with the 17-85mm, as its closest focusing distance is more than 12". The reason you need the diopter is that with a dome port, the camera focuses on a virtual image created by the dome very close to the surface of the dome. There are a number of threads on this topic, just try doing a search...
  16. Saw the same in the harbour in Mauritius about 10 years ago. The only difference is Mauritius didn't do anything to mitigate the problem. The result is that now sharks are pretty much gone, with few exceptions...
  17. You can also try Proshow Gold. Easy to use, and lets you create title pages, transitions, add music, etc. It's very easy to use. Even simpler (and cheaper?) is a software called PictureToTV, which has similar functions...
  18. You may want to try and revive your strobe. Try cleaning the inside with freshwater (presumably already done?), and pour in some lime juice or vinegar to clean the contacts free of corrosion. Clean in freshwater again, then put in fresh batteries and give it a go. I salvaged a flooded old MV (ancestor to the DS51) this way a few years back...
  19. I've actually seen Coleman Shrimps in that very same sea grass a few years back while documenting one of my friends' OW course... That place is great for critters at dusk and at night. Aside from the flamboyant and the Coleman shrimps, I saw mimic octopus, 2 types of seahorse, clown frogfish, and the list goes on. I used to do it as a shore dive from Atlantis every evening...
  20. Got that one in Puerto Galera a couple of years back diving at dusk, on the seagrass area in Sabang Bay. The bugger was hunting and courting frantically. I think he eventually got lucky
  21. There have been a few discussions on the topic, with protractors of both camps (polycarbonate v/s aluminium, glass ports v/s polycarb ports, etc.). After trying an important number of housings, I think it all boils down to the ergonomics of the housing and the budget. If you feel comfortable with a housing and you can afford it, great. If you can't afford the one that feels best in your hands, then the answer is also obvious: go for the next best you can afford.
  22. Custom tone curves won't cut it for Joe's problem. It really just affects the preview/in-camera settings. If the RAW file is grossly underexposed (and 1.8 stops is a lot), that won't help...
  23. I think this is what you're looking for: http://cgi.ebay.com/Ikelite-6110-75-Underw...VQQcmdZViewItem
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