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  1. First of all, thank you for the feedback, it is exactly what I was looking for. To answer questions: I used the kit 14-42 at 14mm, with the standard flat port. I am guessing using 17mm or longer would have helped. Vivid setting: I shoot double files: Raw (for post treatment) and JPEG to be able to give a quick preview to my fellow divers during the trip. So for a quick JPEG, you would recommend Natural setting? Raw treatment: how would you recommend pulling better shadow details...just increase contrast a little in Oly viewer?
  2. So, I am new to UW photography and would like to check if I am on the right track with the new rig. I am back from Cozumel where I spent a few days playing with the camera. The pic below is from the C-53 wreck, that houses a school of glass fish. In more details: - new UW photo aficionado, coming from basic point and shoot & no strobe to full rig - new rig: OMD-EM5 with Oly housing, 2 ULCS 5' arms and 2 YSD1 with fiber optic connection - for this picture, 100 deg diffuser on strobes, Manual mode with strobes in TTL mode and flash in Fill-in mode, 1/250, F4, Auto WB, vivid color, JPG and RAW (this pic is a compressed version of the JPG so no correction was made from RAW) Questions: - obviously, how good / bad is the pic, but more importantly, what suggestions for improvement? - I suspect I probably should have used a slower shutter speed and smaller aperture to increase depth of field.....or maybe not? - since I have not touched the raw file, what adjustments should I make in Olympus viewer or LR? Thanks you, more pics coming tomorrow
  3. Thanks Bill. I will get the EM5 package. Since you have one, which strobes do you use with it and which connection do you use...oprical fiber? If I can swing it, I may go with 1 then later on 2 Z240, otherwise, one of the smaller S&S.
  4. Hello everyone, I am trying to get into u/w photography and have a choice of 2 camera setups for which I would like to hear your opinion: I was given an Ike housing for Olympus E330, and I have the 14-42 kit lens from my current E500. To complete the setup, an Ike dome runs $575and a used E-330 would be about $150. Total: $725. Now, Olympus has an OMD-EM5 underwater package for $1,300. So, considering I will still need to spend $ on strobes, tray and arms, is the $600 difference worth it? For those who have gone from one setup to the other, how much difference is there? Thanks Pierre
  5. Pierre here, from Connecticut: PADI Assistant Instructor and getting into U/W photography
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