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  1. I'd just like to say thanks for all your really helpful replies. I'm quite nervous about buying my first DSLR and housing so getting some advice from more experienced people is incredibly reassuring.
  2. Hi I've been doing a bit of underwater photography with a housed ixus 500 and a YS-25 strobe and while some of the results have been great I've become a bit frustrated with it. I think I'm ready to take the next step and buy a DSLR which will be useful above water as well. This is my shopping list so far: EOS 350D or EOS 20D - is the extra £370 worth it for the 20D or is it overkill for a novice, since I'm probably going to spend £4-5K it seems like a relatively small amount more. Lenses 10-22mm with 3" dome port 60mm with flat port 17-85mm for general use above water - is it worth getting a port for this (it's only £150), most people don't seem to like this sort of range but it seems like it would offer good flexibility either a 28-200mm or 90-300mm for telephoto above water - the 90-300 is significantly cheaper and seems more sensible (since the 28 end of the 28-200 is covered by the 17-85) is there any reason to go with the 28-200? Underwater kit Ikelite housing Ports (as above) DS-125 strobe kit with cables, arms, etc (I'd love 2 but that really would be pushing the budget to breaking point) And finally a 2GB Sandisk Extreme III CF Card This gives a total price of of around £4000-4800 depending on what options I go for. As a student this represents a fairly huge fraction of my savings so I want to get this right first time. I guess my specific questions are a) 350D or 20D? b) do I get a port for the 17-85mm? c) if I get a port for the 17-85mm do I need the 10-22mm and 60mm? d) is there a good reason to get the 28-200mm over the 90-300mm Anyway I'd be really grateful for any advice that you can give. Cheers Mike
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