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  1. All good replies. But do bring your own soft cooler. You never know when you will find yourself in a situation where the camera dunk tank is *not* an option. I've seen people dunk their heads in them to wet their hair to keep it out of their masks. I'm sure we've all seen it all from non-photogs. I'd much rather be on a boat with a lot of photogs, they keep the riff raff off the camera table and out of the tank. It's just like vegas at the high rollers section, buy-in at the table is $5k. Keep your damn mask and soda somewhere else.
  2. sharks never get as close as I'd like. Believe me, I always go in optomistically with the wide lens, I do wide in water that has everone else doing macro, but I'm sometimes glad to be able to zoom.
  3. i don't think there will be teething problems. There haven't been in any of the last chip changes or architecture changes (32 bit, 64 bit, 6800, G3, g4, g5). The only ones that got me were when the mac II came out and they put color in.
  4. I've had a lot of macs. In my experience, iBooks are tough enough for kids, powerbooks are tough enough for adults, even adults who travel a lot. But maybe not my wife, she trips over her powercord at least once a month. But her old Ti powerbook still works. Thin laptops, mac or windows, are always more fragile, but they *are* laptops, and built to take some abuse. I've dropped my Al 17", and it's fine. You can stiffen them up for travel a bit by adding eepz pads to the screen (do a google search) and the thin sleeve at the same site will protect the hinge by keeping the laptop closed in a fall, I use them and like them, I keep the sleeve on through xrays (around 25 business trips this year, no problem). Wait until macworld in early jan for announcements, but they will be announcements, if there are new books, they may not be out until lat jan or feb. But there could be a new architecture or price drops, it's worth waiting.
  5. Hi, I'm considering an Oly E1. I know it's an old camera, but I love the lenses and weatherproofing, it'll do until the E3 comes out. So, some questions regarding the Oly E1 and Ike housings/domes... What's the best dome for the 7-14 lens, the 6 or 8"? does it work well at both 7 and 14, with no softness or aberration in the corners? anyone hear any gossip on the E3 having the same layout (same housing)? Do you ever use the 14-54 underwater, with or without the converter or extension tube? Seems like a nice range for sharks to portraits. I assume it needs a dome, and same question, good at both 14 and 54, any softness? I'm thinking this takes a flat port for the 50, and a 6" or 8" dome for the 7-14, then not sure what for the 14-54, if it even goes in the water. is the 6 or 8" dome better for the 7-14? Ike's site lists both, but I guess the 8 is hard to come by.
  6. for the record, I've owned quattros, cressi freediving fins (cheap ones), technisub stratos, and jet fins. I've tried scubapro twin jet full foot fins, apollo split fins, mares hinged quattros (can't remember the real name), and various force fins. I really like the jet fins, for high speed and low. they start out a medium-blue, but oxidize and get lighter. Same with the pink. try hotglue or good waterproof shipping tape, the thicker clear 3M kind. I just haven't seen that in person. I walk right by people with split fins in heavy current. My wife is not a strong smimmer, she wears medium size jets which have a very small blade, and she's faster than splits, too. We got stuck in strong current once and a couple buddies with split fins were stuck in it near a wall, causing a bottleneck. We both moved out into heavier current and passed them easily. That was the end of split fins for us. The reviews make me wonder if sponsorship is biasing them. The scores are often very close, too. I noticed they wore them, and also that scubapro sponsors them, and again, I'm suspicious. you should really try the old plain jets. They do exactly what you want. Ask around. Any old DM or diver or DIR guy will have a pair and won't mind you borrowing them. You can't hurt them.
  7. Try the original scubapro jetfins (not twin jets). They are so short and wide that they are fantastic at all the wierd kicks we do (helicopter, scull, etc). They are really noticably better at that stuff than my old quattros were. anybody got any non-black jetfins (pink? blue?)? they made them, been looking for some. Or technisub Alas, been looking for those, too.
  8. I've used a fully manual camera since I was a kid, and with the screen on the digital acting as a light meter, the camera itself doesn't stump me too often. That said, I still read Jim Church's composition book around once a year. I subscribe to Outdoor Photographer, and every month or two there is an article in there I learn something from, again, more about composition than mechanics. I'd have to say that both resources are on the philosophy side for me. I also really enjoy Galen Rowell's books. Not much more philosophical for photgraphers than his stuff.
  9. Well, we used the D100 (Kelly's) just to get the prints on the website. As for the EXIF, I'm not sure yet how to make Gallery 2 *not* show EXIF for individual images or albums. Simple human stupidity and laziness makes the world go 'round.
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