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  1. Yes, Retra new strobe is announced as HSS. We are waiting for it to make TTL tests. When HSS strobes appear on the market, TTL circuitry manufacturers can make HSS feature in firmware.
  2. Thank you for kind words guys! I am happy to help when i can.
  3. Good job! And good idea! Please advice, where did you buy that transparent spare part? I also need it. By the way, UW Technics is developing now TTL converter for Seafrog A6xxx housings. It's LED board is purposed for installation on this transparent part (inside the housing). TTL converter has LED and Electric outputs, as usual. So, you could more easy use both type connectors (Optical/Electric) on your A7RIII housing, using that transparent part you has installed and Nikonos bulkhead simultaneously.
  4. The concrete strobe YS-D2 sample may be a problem, who knows. Try to change the strobe, just for test. Let's contact in Messenger, I think i know how to solve your setup problem anyway.
  5. Hello Joss, Only Sony plays that game with sync speed (1/160 >> 1/250). Nikon D500 has fixed max sync speed 1/250. This is simply a speed of Nikon mechanical shutter. Impossible to improve it by this way, The only way to use high shutter speeds for D500 is to use HSS underwater strobes (if appear on the market), which can produce 40 khz flicker long flash.
  6. Nauticam product is manual trigger, it does not use communication protocol with camera. Max sync speed must be 1/160 for this case. Yes, the 1/200 can be used as a threshold value, small gradient begins at the top of image. But for 1/250 sync speed, you need any TTL device connected to HotShoe.
  7. Nikon D810/Inon 330 not firing.

    Hi Pavel - I have a relatively new D810/Inon 330 (330s are new). I test fired before vacation and all worked well. After setup at resort, I'm not synching. I have removed the optical cables and do not see the LEDs lighting up. I have the converter settings at 0 and am shooting manual. I replaced batteries before packing for the trip and successfully tested with the new batteries. Can you suggest a way to debug to find where the problem is? Thank you very much.


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      Hi Pavel -- I had brand new batteries in the unit but replaced them and the flashes work. First set of batteries lasted one year (about 8000 shots). Second set worked on insertion but were dead after 5 days in the housing (total test flashes approximately 10). 


  8. UWTechnics ships Sony TTL Converter for Nauticam A7...A9 housings since 31-July. Maximum sync speed is 1/250, tested, no dark strip on images.
  9. Subal must supply VR3 board only with "left" type HotShoe cable (cable is pointed left). But looking to user setup picture, i saw the "right" type cable there. User has to reconnect cable now to mirror position (rotate 180 degrees) on the board. It will not be so comfortable as proper cable ("left type"), but it will work. Here is assembling for such case:
  10. If you cannot sync the devices, it exactly means that something is wrong in setup or settings. Any small detail or defect, which you maybe don't see. Ok, i will make detailed video after few days. It will help you. Sorry i am out of city till the end of the week, so i can make the video only next week. If you have possibility, try to change the concrete parts of the system, - strobe (first of all), FO cable, camera, to recognize the problem part. This TTL board can work with all Nikon cameras and most of underwater strobes. Don't worry, you will solve the problem, anyway. Many people use #26308 with Z7/Z6 for today, and everything works fine.
  11. I also love this TTL-Converter for Olympus cameras. New generation TTL product, everything is optimized there. Can you show some underwater images with that TTL, after your dive trip?
  12. Tim, you are actually right. This is not a rare case. I also know 2 people in my country, who got Subal housing with mixed Hotshoe type (Canon / Nikon). User did not know about it for 2 years, because shot in manual only. X-Sync pin is on the same position on both. People discovered wrong HotShoe only when began to setup TTL system. So, first of all, i would check the HotShoe pins, to be sure it is Nikon type. The second turn, - try to reconnect HotShoe cable to mirrored position on the board socket. Subal produces "left" and "right" HotShoe cables, sometimes mixed for TTL board.
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