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  1. Not yet. We had some delays because of lockdown. Product will be available soon.
  2. Nauticam NA-D300s housing in excellent condition. It was used 2 dives in the pool, for lens tests. After that, it lay in the box. Housing condition is "like new". There are no any tracks of usage. Complete housing kit, including spare o-rings, tools, box and documents. Price = 500 USD. Payment: PayPal. Delivery: EMS, UPS, DHL.
  3. Currently only 2 items are left for sale: 1) Wide-angle 28mm lens = 300 USD; 2) Nikonos RS body = 250 USD. If both together, the price will be 500 USD.
  4. Fisheye 13mm reduced price - 2400 USD Wideangle 28mm lens - 350 USD, Nikonos RS body - 350 USD.
  5. I made a short video of 13mm fisheye and camera check:
  6. Pavel,

    I'm interested in your Nikonos RS 13mm.is the front port as new, no scratches?


    1. Pavel Kolpakov

      Pavel Kolpakov

      Hi Bernie,

      That 13mm fisheye does not have scratches on the glass.

      The lens is pre-owned, but condition is very good.

  7. Hello Ian, Yes, the flooded item is already sold, deleted from list. Sorry. Currently i have only normally working items for sale.
  8. Hello Matt, 13mm fisheye is in original condition, not converted.
  9. Nikonos RS lenses and camera for sale. I was going to convert 13mm fisheye for digital camera housing, but finally realized i did not have a time for that project. So, i sell that equipment: 1) Fisheye 13mm lens. Slightly used. Very good condition. Price: 2600 USD. 3) Wide-angle 28mm lens + Nikonos RS camera. Slightly used. Very good condition. +Spare o-rings and User Manual. Price: 950 USD. Shipping: DHL or EMS. Payment: PayPal. I can make all necessary pictures by request. Some pictures of this equipment are here:
  10. Here are UWTechnics optional bulkheads specially developed for Seafrogs (Meikon) housings. These products (#91303-Optical, #91385-Nikonos, #91386-Ikelite style) have such a special rear part. So, uw strobes can be connected both optically and electrically to TTL system now.
  11. In reality, Z240 charges 52 joule energy (from zero to Full) in 7-10 seconds. Yes, the "Ready" indicator lights after 2 seconds, this value is written in Specifications, but user has to understand that strobe gets just a partial charge in this time. The 2 seconds is usually a marketing value for this class of strobes, it refers to accepted energy level (50%, 60%, 70% or other, - but concrete level usually is not specified in Specifications).
  12. Difficult to say for sure, because batteries on the market have different quality. Some of them keep high pulse power (for LEDs) good enough till the end of battery life, some batteries are rather bad in that. In common case, better change them significantly before they are go dead. I have a few housings in my own usage. Mainly, i change batteries 1 time per year in them. But i shoot not very often. Anyway, if i go to an important dive trip, i change all batteries in my equipment before the trip, just for insurance.
  13. Power saving time 10 sec is just a recommendation for maximum battery saving. Because TTL-Converter switches Off when camera goes to standby mode. As i know, many users set 1 minute, it is acceptable time for normal shooting. I agree, we have to write 1 minute in instruction. If you need 2 min or 5 min active camera screen between two shots, no problem to set it. Battery life will be some reduced, but not significantly for real dives. Sometimes you can keep your camera active the whole dive, if it is an important dive, no problem.
  14. Yes, of course, it is possible to reduce some problems of xenon flash by applying various measures. And photographers usually do it. But in the post above i mean comparison in general.
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