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  1. I had a dive on the weekend with some people that were right into photography. They had 3 red filters and called them shallow, mid and deep. They think I have been using a deep filter on shallow dives. I've looked on the net and the shallow filter is more pinkish than red. Maybe I have the wrong filter.....
  2. Thanks all. Is there any way of rectifying on software? Ive tried GoPro studio but no bananas
  3. The filter is one my wife brought on ebay, its cheap from asia i presume, but I thought you could any red filter even cellophone that was red. I wasnt using the light it was open water perfect viz.
  4. Hi, Ive just started underwater photography with a Go Pro Hero 4 silver. I was on a dive yesterday and tried a new red filter I got for xmas, but instead of enhancing the reds at this depth EVERYTHING is red! I tried to edit using the white balance but no luck. I cannot find anything about this on google etc. What have I done wrong??
  5. Gday Im Steve from Australia, and been diving a couple of years. I just brought a Go Pro Hero 4 silver and looking forward to advice etc
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