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  1. Thanks this is what I needed to finish the rebuild. Thanks for the info
  2. Thanks Mr Kraken de Mabini that is good stuff . I was looking for info on what type of material sea and sea uses for the O-ring and what measuring system ( asa or Japan ) sizing chart to use . I find the diffance between ASA and Japans o=rings are a lot a like .I find that a set of hemostats dose a good job of removing and installing e-clips . Thanks for the info
  3. Help Help I need to replace the o-rings in three sea and sea dx d200 housings (grandson , sons , and wife's housings ) . It has been four years ago .since the last overhaul and I don't have the money to do 4 housings . I am hoping to find o-rings on the net, so I can buy in bulk . thanks for any help you can give . Lee.
  4. Hi if you put a Schreder valve in the housing thur the vacuum hole. Then apply as much pressure inside the housing as you need from a pump. If you try this you have to let everyone know how it works.
  5. Hi I how much are you asking ?
  6. Hi I am just starting to use a digital camera (Nikon d200 ) have used a nikonos 111 for 17 years . yea it is time to upgrade . lol I found a sea and sea housing on eBay and can't wait to get in the water . Wish me good luck .
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