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  1. Hi, are you selling only selected pieces? I am keen on Aquatica 8 inch Dome and Shade (1 year old. No visible scratches on dome or shade). Retail Price: US$688
  2. If you are okay breaking it up, Interested in the 8 inch dome. Is it the glass or acrylic dome?
  3. Wondering, how would a correction lens like the Sea & Sea correction lens (that effectively flattens the image caused by the dome before it gets to the lens) compare with the WACP? Anyone lucky enough to have tried this?
  4. I have issues with my 90mm macro and my a6300 with Saga trio lens which provides +5, +10 and +15 options. With +5 it focuses okay, slightly slower than without, but with +10 its almost impossible with AF. Because im using an ikelite housing, I dont have the manual focus option so thats an issue for sure.
  5. Also keen to know if this works for sharks and fishes etc haha
  6. Thanks for you input! Yes size also seems to be another thing I will be giving up, and also weight as its heavier than other housings. Didn't think about the problem of alignment which you brought up! Yes if the screen is far from the glass could make it very hard to see underwater. Guess the only way I will know is trying it, but thats like 4000 EUR for a full set to try it out haha
  7. Wow thanks for the input Davide. Yes totally agree, at the moment the only people I can find using it are Italian's on Instagram but they all seem to be sponsored so it hard to get a sense on how good they are. Are you sure it uses wifi to communicate to the camera? I think it uses USB interface to directly communicate with the camera, but the buttons communicate to the brains of the housing with wifi? I found a few videos on their FB that shows minimal to no lag in the usage. I think primary issue is clearly I am a sucker for new photography gear, and sony has been crazy in releasing new camera's all the time which I am inclined to spend money i shouldn't be spending on new cameras, and that would be nice not having to sell my entire kit to buy another housing every time this happens haha
  8. Do you know which version of the housing he used Chris? The Leo3 is somewhat new - maybe 2 - 3 years old, so not sure it was the same version .Yes slow shooting is one of my fears, after looking at the video, i can't really tell if there is a noticeable lag or not? It does seem however all the functionality works well, and since in all cameras including the Sony you can customize the menu, so most of the key functionality should be available. They also seem to have their own fibre optic trigger system that can trigger my YS-D2s. hmmmm
  9. I did a quick search and honestly only came up with 1 tread talking about this housing. For those unfamiliar, its a unique type of housing where it fits multiple cameras because the controls are actually electronically synced to the camera through a USB port, instead of being mechanically connected. Here is a link to the housing of interest: https://www.easydive.it/en/underwater-housing/mirrorless/leo3-wi.224.html#It has a few strong appeals for me: 1. Multiple camera compatibility over time - Clearly this is the main factor. I currently have an a6300 with Ikelite housing, but bought a new a7iii and was looking for housings. Cost of supporting a new camera is around 300 EUR for a new software update that you do from home; Cost savings will be substantial over time especially when changing cameras 2. Full electronic and not mechanic - less likely for leaks and misalignments happening; I had some issues with button alignments on my previous ikelite housings after it getting knocked a bit So here comes the question, anyone have experience with it? Really looking to have some feedback from the community to see if there are any issues / recommendations. The only person I know from the forum is Eitan (who has an amazing IG feed too), but not much else
  10. Hi Eitan, I am considering getting the LEO 3 housing for a7iii. Wondering if you have any updated experiences? Great photos on instagram btw! Also do you get any issues on soft edges for the 10-18mm on the 6inch dome? Thanks SK
  11. Wow sounds like a really bad experience. In no way am I refuting your experience, but I did actually do a trip on that very boat in Raja Ampat during New years last year. Maybe I have low standards, but I actually had a good experience. Boat is small (max maybe 10 divers?) but diving was good, food was pretty tasty and crew were professional and attentive. Didn't have (maybe fortunately?) any issues with rats or rodents during the trip, and seemed to be recently spruced up a bit on the interiors. Had an issue with a leaky air conditioner one night, but that was about it. Just to make it clear I am in no way funded/affiliated with the company, just wanted to share at least my personal experience. Can see some of the photos on my IG: https://www.instagram.com/singkwan_photography/(got to scroll back quite a bit)
  12. I use my A6300 with Ikelite housing that has a hotshoe connector with sync cords to my YS-D2 strobes. WIth this setup you can get something like 1/240 shutter speeds and it will work okay. Beyond that you will have half of the image lighted by the strobe only. Watched a video on youtube explaining that this has something to do with front curtain shutter opening speed, and smaller cameras have a smaller shutter (like the Rx100 series) and have much higher shutter speeds with flash. Could be wrong, don't quote me on this
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