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  1. Hello! I read that you find and Ikelite housing for $300? Please let me know if you know more about it! Or just if you know were I can buy one for a good price, thanks!

    1. Fruitographer


      I just bought it. The camera was an older Canon Rebel 400D. It came with Ikelite housing upgraded to four lock system like they are now, camera body, 28-135 lens, 60/2.8 Macro lens, Macro port, Pelican case and all spare parts was $300. I also ended up getting an Ikelite DS125 with 2 sync cords a flex arm and a spare battery with charger for $200. All from the same person so I got everything for $500.


      I had put an add in the classifieds saying I was looking for a DS1...

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