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  1. Interested in strobes if you decide to lower price
  2. Ya would be interested if you're willing to go lower
  3. Thank you all for your help and response. I have a gh5 in nauticam housing and use fiber optic cords. I have 2 sea and sea ysd2 strobes. Never had any issues before until testing my equiptment now. My camera requires a flash trigger and they both fire when I look at the camera (and when I have 1 strobe in it works fine which is why I thought it was a battery issue maybe? I have tried each cord for each side and each strobe and every configuration. It's always the left side. I wiped down each connecting piece to make sure everything was clean etc. Half of the workshop is wide angle so I obviously would love to have both strobes working
  4. I'll check. Sometimes if I press shutter a few times both come on but not sure... you think it could also just be the battery for the flash trigger on my gh5?
  5. HELP, I have a photo workshop in less than a month. It seems when only 1 side fires consistently and the other doesn't. I think it has to do with my left side, no flooding in housing etc. When I rearrange my strobes and cables the right side works fine but not left. Any ideas?
  6. Question... what setting do you keep your lens at? I just got the 60mm and I'm confused if I should leave it at 1:1 or the .4 to infinity etc Also I plan on using autofocus since I didnt buy the focus gear... or should I buy the focus gear I was told most people do auto
  7. Want to buy a YS Adapter for coldshoe for my nauticam housing to attach my sola light If you have a good offer please contact me. Located in the USA
  8. Thank you I have strobes and the flash trigger
  9. Are you guys using the zoom gears for the 8mm and 60 or do you find autofocus is good enough
  10. Thank you all for your input. I have learned something new from all of you. I would love to be able to do splits as well and noticed on the wwl-1 they were not good hehe. Thanks I have a lot to think about!
  11. Hi, so I have a gh5 in nauticam housing and the only lens i have is the 14 to 42 ps with wwl-1 which i use mostly for video. However I'd like to explore diff options for photography. I'm having trouble finding info since most people are using it for video. Any recs on what you are using for wide angle and macro. My interest is always more fish portraits and I'd like to get into cfwa or just to learn about the diff lens options. Thanks
  12. Thank you for your advice but yes I have the ysd2 strobes and turned the dial to the green one (no preflash) and yes red eye is also turned off
  13. I have the nauticam flash trigger.. my strobes arent firing theres a little light that goes off towards the bottom when I fire but no major flash output... what am I doing wrong?
  14. Hi, I'm trying to setup my gh5, I have the nauticam flash trigger in my hot shoe and everything setup on my strobes in manual as it doesn't support ttl. Both strobes make a nose when fire and the small bulb on the fires but there isnt any big flash or light that shoots out to illuminate the subject. Is there a setting in the camera I'm missing? Suggestions I'm used to having a sonyrx100m2 so it was a little different setup. Thanks
  15. I bought 2 keldan lights from nickga69 and yes I agree super pleasant and friendly. Fast shipping and follow up. Would def buy from him again
  16. i posted this under the wrong user name--- thanks a lot for the info!
  17. Any tips on getting the clamp around the light? Thanks...
  18. Unlike the nauticam one, this does not allow rapid firing is that correct? Unlike the nauticam one, this does not allow rapid firing is that correct?
  19. Are people using this setup with lights?
  20. Thank I haven't noticed it as mentioned earlier I dont think it is in front of the sensor. Thanks for the info!
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