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  1. d200 105 micro vr seacam 2 inon z240
  2. Hello all!! At the middle of february I am finally leaving for NZ until the 3th of march. Any hints or something I should know? scuba diving? best places?
  3. hi All I'm in the market for new strobes (I have two subtronic alpha macro pro). I am looking for lightweight (for travelling), with good manual controls. The best .....? Anyone got any suggestions?
  4. is a fantastic housing with a fine feeling, it is neutral and very light in hand I use two subtronic alpha macro pro and one sb 800 in subal housing (not in shot) this shot was made with the two subtronic in Caprara, one of Tremiti archipelago wb 4800 K iso 100 f22 1/200 one flash 1/2 power one 1/4 power now I return from a scuba cruise in Maldives Maldive, Ari Atoll, Maaya Thila d200, 17-35 - 35 mm, iso 200 1/60 - f8
  5. you can see here http://europhoto.etecna.it the italian ikelite promo is http://www.subsea.it/
  6. my first shot with d200 in seacam housing and 105 micro vr
  7. very fine from Palmi to Reggio Calabria the best around Scilla the spot is La Montagna in front of Scilla very fine night dives in Reggio Calabria attention cold water .... (18-19 °C) Scilla Diving Center (in Scilla) Le Tonnare (in Palmi)
  8. I prefear 14 mm sigma (the old f3,5) (and nikon 17-35) Gennaro
  9. Benvenuto Davide saluta gli amici di scubaportal Gennaro
  10. Remember Zabargad and Rocky island Gennaro
  11. sorry for my english this is my first post The photo was taken in Derawan last November gennaro ciavarella
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