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  1. Just bought a Honda VTX 1300 two months ago! Second bike I've owned (wrecked the first one, broke my leg). Finally got back on the horse and I Love my new ride!! Sorry no pic
  2. I have been through there once with no problems, but I didn't have my camera yet. I always carry-on my photo gear now. Are these theives targeting other dive gear or just camera gear?
  3. Any thoughts on PS CS2 versus Elements 4? I am new to post processing and wonder if E4 will do or should I just jump in and get PS and learn how to use it. I'm not trying to be a pro by any means, just an enthusiastic hobbyist trying to get a few pics to possibly make friends and family say Wow, (need to justify to my wife the $ I've spent on this expensive hobby, diving and UW photography) LOL Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks, Doug
  4. I have also dived both places (Oahu and Ambergris Caye) although only 2 dives in Hawaii. One on the mine sweeper Mahi wreck (good) and Turtle reef (no turtles, mediocre dive). On AC the reefs are very close to shore so quick boat rides! spur and groove reefs, decent fish life (lots of nurse sharks and grouper), 75ft vis. Next time would probably go out to one of the atolls or liveaboard. Definately much cheaper to dive Belize BTW. Good luck on your choice, Doug
  5. Gary, I was just in Coz April 22-29 and had a great time. I was there at a meeting at the Occidental Grand Resort. Got in 13 dives with Dive Palancar (on site operator). This was my first time down there so I'm no expert on pre/post Wilma reef conditions, but the shallow reefs did have a lot of sand on them. However, there were lots of fish around (biggest angels I've ever seen and lots of diff kinds). It was hard to get good pics because of the currents and sand on the shallow sites but drifting with those fast currents was a blast . The deeper reef were in great condition IMHO. We dived mostly sites around Palancar reef, nice short boat rides from the resort, but a lot longer if coming from town. Hope you have a great time down there, wish I was going back!! PM me if you have any specific questions and I'll answer what I can. Doug
  6. Hi Alex, Thanks for responding. I was trying to WB on the white sand at anywhere from 20 -50 ft. I was shooting RAW so I can do it in PS (when I get it). BTW, I was using your Magic Filter for the first time. Couldn't really settle in for good composition shots because of the current and being with a group, but some of the pics have nice color in them. I look forward to Bonaire in Oct. to really get it figured out! I'll keep trying with the WB, Thanks, Doug
  7. Hi all, Just got back from my first dive trip with my new rig. The problem was that I couldn't get the camera to white balance underwater. I had programed a 1 touch button to do it but it would come back saying that the white balance was unsuccessful every time I tried it. Does anyone have any thoughts on this subject? Thanks, Doug
  8. Hopefully some of us will make as great a stride in the next ten years as you have in the past ten. But then we will be 20 years behind, right? Thanks for all your posts, they give us newbies hope, LOL Doug
  9. Hi all, Anyone here have recommendations for Olympus E-300? Maybe I should have bought a Canon or Nikon, seems to be the preffered brands here on wetpixel! But alas, the money has been spent, lol Doug
  10. Hi all, I started taking pictures on my 3rd dive (not counting cert dives), and have had a camera on every ocean dive since. However, my camera was a small Oly housed p&s to which I added a small strobe after a year. Now I have an Ikelite housed dSLR with a DS-125 strobe which I will use next week in Coz for the first time, I am a little nervous because this rig is much bigger than my previous one! I am advanced open water certified and feel very comfortable underwater but I hope that the bouyancy of this rig is close to neutral. But for awhile I will take it easy and not worry about getting all the shots perfectly while I figure the new camera/housing/strobe. To me, enjoying the dive is the most important thing at this point in my life. Good luck, Doug
  11. I'm not a pro but I would crop. Getting rid of the black negative space and the out of focus left foreground would definately improve the picture. I love the impact of the fish face, so tightening it up would give more zing to the shot, IMHO Doug
  12. Gary, Actually, I grew up 20 min away from the Homestead in Orem. I've been there, but never diving. The water temp in the crater is about 94 degrees. The warm springs I was refering to were Belmont springs just off I-15 almost to the Idaho border. The main spring is 30-40 ft deep (after dredging) the water is 90+ degrees but the vis is about 2 ft or less. I did my navigation course there... go figure, but in the spring or fall there aren't many places to dive here in the mtns! Come over to Idaho and I'll take you diving in the Fire Hole river inside Yellowstone Natnl Park...Deep holes and cave pockets and occasional trout swimming with you. It is actually a lot of fun! Gotta do something to get wet when we're far from the ocean right? Doug BTW Joe, that Bonne Terra mine looks like a great dive!!
  13. Gary, Iam originally from Utah but now live in Idaho 3 hours north of SLC. I've never made it to Sea Base, but have taken some classes at some hot springs up near the UT/ID border. Blue Lake south of Wendover Utah/Nevada is also a popular training/ recreation diving spot for us land-locked divers. What was the water temp at Sea base, and how much do they charge to dive there? I might have to make a stop when down visiting realtives in Utah. Hope you get to the ocean soon! I'm off to Coz in 3 weeks!! Take care, Doug
  14. Hey all, Thanks so much for all the great info! Matt's book is on the way and I've been looking at all the links that were provided. A lot of good information out there (and here on Wepixel). Now as Joe said, I've just got to get wet and try it out. With a lot of luck and maybe 10 years I might be able to create some pics worthy of the photographers here. Thanks again guys, Doug
  15. Thanks everyone, Matt, I tried to order your book through your site but it wouldn't go through So I ordered it through the Best Publishing site you provided. I look forward to recieving it, I'm sure it will fill my beginning needs nicely, thanks Doug
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