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  1. I have the Nikon Z6 with a Sea&Sea Z6 housing. And I need to shoot Apple ProRes RAW to an external Ninja V recorder underwater, is that strange?
  2. Could be true. We just have to wait and see I have a solution on the way and will share it here when I know more within 2 weeks Happy weekend // Alex
  3. Thank you for you reply. I guess its the head of the HDMI 2.0 plug that's 28mm since the cable is only a couple of mm thick. Im sure someone will find a solution to this as more and more cameras will allow for externa RAW recording of video and the demand will increase. Kind regards // Alex
  4. It has nothing to do with 50/60 fps it's regarding shooting RAW video at a decent cost.
  5. Is the Nauticam M24D2R200-M28A1R170 HDMI 2.0 Cable a joke or what? Whats the reason for Nauticam to create a M28 (28mm) bulkhead for a cable that measures 9m? And force users to buy new housings just to use their Ninja V recorder Housing? I really hope some 3rd party creates a HDMI 2.0 cable with regular M16 bulkhead. I docent seem impossible to me. Or that some one else creates a housing besides Nauticam. Id like too hear a good explanation here #nauticam kind regards // Alex
  6. I am interested if anyone still sits on a Subtronic mega color 350 w/s strobe. Preferably with the newer (NC or NmH) battery. kind regards // Alex
  7. I will do a light meter test between the Subtronic mega color 350w/s and the Hartenberger 625 in end of april and come back to you guys with the information. kind regards // Alex
  8. Hi Adam, sorry but i nerver publish fullres images on the web on unique wrecks. Unfortunately and luckily I have only dived that kind of sites since I got the camera. If I get the chance of diving an public site I can publish a fullres but I don't think that will happen before you get the hold of a housing... When it comes to pixel peeping quality of the D500 I am not sure wether it's better or not than the D810 but I know I like it. Kind regards // Alex
  9. I have posted two more images from the D500 on FB now. Both images ISO 1600. https://www.facebook.com/alexdawsonswe/posts/1780587555494382?pnref=story kind regards // Alex
  10. Thank you Wolfgang! yes all shots where taken with the D500 that I posted from my recent trip. The iso on the prop is 1600 & and the other two images iso 3200. kind regards // Alex
  11. Hi, the Nikon D500 handled great during my dives last weekend and the only function I was missing was the ISO button. Regarding AF it was better than D810 but not as much as I was expecting after reading online. A big mistake on my first dive was that I forgot to change the ISO and the whole dive was shot at ISO 100 i pitch black water and pushing the D500 3-4 steps in green waters does not make the file look good. But like I said it was a huge misstake by me. I am a fairly new rebreather diver so my focus was more on my JJ machine... The following 6 dives I remembered to preset the ISO to what I wanted 640-3200 range. Some dives I even tried to shoot wide open with absolutely decent results regarding corner sharpness compared to what you can get with the same port and a Nikon D810. That made me happy and I think this camera will do great for my usage. It's yet to early to tell if the D500 can replace my D810 for low light shooting but it looks promising especially regarding corner detail. I hope to get my Sea&Sea housing soon so I can do more accurate testing side by side against the Nikon D810. I posted one image here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1772763296276808&set=a.1652036835016122.1073741830.100006294649177&type=3&theater kind regards // Alex
  12. Hi. I have done the first tests underwater with the new Nikon D500 DX camera but mainly to get it to work inside my Sea&Sea D810 housing. So far I can use Aperture, Shutter, AF-On, on/off and take pictures. I had the menu button, multi selector (only up) and ok button working to but was pretty useless as you need multi selector (right) to work to make settings. The second reson for my test was to figure out what port combo that would work best with the Nikon 10,5mm @ f4 I tested the following domes and best one starting from the top and worst one at the bottom: Sea & Sea fisheye port 230mm Zen dome Sea & Sea optical port with 20mm extension ring (a little vignetting). Sea & Sea optical port I will do real dark water shooting during the next 4 days and I will keep you posted on how the new D500 handles in those conditions. So far what I have seen in the pool is that the DX D500 will give me a ton of better corner sharpness compared to my FX D810 witch was expected. kind regards // Alex
  13. Interesting, there was no problem getting all functions on the Sea&Dea MDX-D800 housing. I understand that its bad business releasing a kit if they also release a new D810 housing
  14. The kit was easy to fit and after reading the instructions carefully and getting ll the necessary tools. The Nikon D810 works perfect will all it's functions. I have to say that once I started using D810 I will never choose to put my D800E back in the housing again It will serve as a top side and backup camera... Check out my D810 images from Gulen Dive resort Norway at my https://www.facebook.com/alexdawsonphoto kind regards // Alex
  15. Yes it is a Sea&Sea update kit. I got half of the mounting instructions for the last week and got the rest yesterday and they came from Sea&Sea Japan. Kind regards // Alex
  16. I have no idea if it is Sea&Sea original but I think so. Price is around €400 I think. Email them and ask. // Alex
  17. I got mine from http://www.scubasupply.se kind regards // Alex
  18. Thanks, I got my Sea&Sea D800 to D810 conversion kit a few days ago and will do the surgery during the weekend. There is a lot of parts... I hope I can make it // Alex
  19. Hi Alex, I assume all shots are with the focus point set in the middle? I get a feeling that i get better corner sharpness wile maintaining the center sharpness by using the outer focus points with the 16-35 and the 14-24 at wide apertures. What is your opinion on that? kind regards // Alex Dawson
  20. I will do that later this month with some wreck images from Croatia
  21. Hi, I have made a dive with the setup now and I chose to remove the live view leveler just in case... The dive was to about 33 meters and I did experience a little bit of tribble with the ISO leveler but solved that problem with changing the iso in the menu's instead. In general the camera works perfekt! From the first results I do not se any difference on sensor quality between the D800E and the D810. I shot my images in the 100-1000 ISO range in almost no natural light. // Alex
  22. Thanks Kurt! I am happy for you and please give us a trip report when you are back. I did not get the chance to try mine yet but hopefully on saturday... I might remove the live view leveler just in case, since it does not work anyway. kind regards // Alex
  23. Hi, does your D810 fit in the housing without the back on? Can you get the base plate to align as it should be? Or does you problem start there? I have to push mine a half millimeter in on the right side, but very gentle. And after that the housing back fits easy... kind regards // Alex
  24. Hi, I just checked my functions again and aperture and shutter works perfect without any adjustments on my MDX-D800 with the Nikon D810 I will not modify anything on my housing unless I rely think I need the mode selector but usually I shoot in M. Remember to place the camera in the housing with the switch on the housing to "ON" and turn the camera to "ON" before placing the camera inside the housing. Good luck! Kind regards // Alex
  25. Topic title edited: Admin Hi, picked up my Nikon D810 yesterday and was of course curios whether it would fit in my Sea&Sea MDX-D800 that I use with my Nikon D800E. At first it looked very bad because I could not get any functions to work... Then I realized that this kind of modern camera needs a battery After installing the battery things looked a lot brighter! First the good things: The camera works fine for photography the way I use it. That means aperture, shutter, ISO, AF-on and AF can be changed between AF and manual. Bonuses is that I can use the menu, wb, +/-, info, delete, metering mode, quality, flash setting, zoom in and out... The things that don't work at first try: can't start the live view, can't start recording movie, can't turn camera on and off, can't pop internal flash, can't switch between singel CL & CH... Over all I am happy for now, I can most likely fix the last few things if I need it, but the reson I got the Nikon D810 is to use it as a land camera and keep the Nikon D800E in the housing. So no more in and out of cameras when the action gets intense like on last years sardine run in South Africa. I will take the camera for a test run in the Balearics in the next few weeks. Kind regards // Alex
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