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  1. I'll be going to Kona in a couple weeks and want to record the manta dive I'll be doing. It's a night dive but somewhat well illuminated due to many divers and snorkelers in the water shining lights on the mantas. Because of this I'm a bit unsure on the use of filters or video lights. Do I use a red filter, and do I use video lights? Anyone have experience on what will give the best results?
  2. Haven't tried. Am interested in this too.
  3. Has anyone tried these two together? Are they compatible? According to ikelite website the 6441.42 red filter works with any 3.6" diameter housing lens port, but wanted to see if anyone has any input regarding this.
  4. Housing manufacturers recommend sending your housing in for an overhaul service every one to two years. Is this something people typically do? I called up one of the well known underwater photography stores and the guy there said it was pretty much unnecessary, just to worry about the main o-ring and only send it in if you notice something weird. I'm curious what others think of this. How often do you all send in housings for service?
  5. I want to get something to record the few dive and snorkel trips I go on (maybe 1 a year on average) and am having a hard time deciding on a good system for what I need. I mainly value the following: 1)ease of travel 2)ease of use 3)ease of maintenance 4)quality of footage Obviously there must be a trade off between these, so I'm trying to figure out what system offers the best balance. Originally I had thought I would get a compact system like an rx100 and take pics and video with it, but lately I'm having second thoughts. It seems to me that a video setup would be better than a photo setup for what I want because it would take away less from the experience of the dive and I wouldn't be a hold up to dive buddies while fumbling around with manual settings while trying to frame that perfect shot (please correct me if you think this assumption is wrong). As a result I'm seriously considering a gopro setup. I assume it should have a compact video system beat in ease of travel, use, and maintenance, but by how much? Also how much will I be giving up in terms of quality of footage? I'd appreciate any comparisons between these 2 options based on my criteria. Also if there's an option I'm not considering I'm open to hearing it. Thanks! A few other thoughts: -If I go the compact route I'm tempted to go towards an rx100 ii instead of a newer model because it seems better if I ever wanted to take pictures and I don't particularly care about 4k resolution for videos. -the compact system has the added benefit of doubling as an above water camera. I would have more limited use for the gopro above water. -I do snorkel about the same, if not more than I dive, so I want my setup to be good for snorkeling as well as diving.
  6. Hi from Chicago, never done underwater photography but looking to get into it.
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