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  1. Does anyone know what the rough equivilent 35MM lens is to the Inon UWL100?
  2. I own a Tetra for a Oly 3040 and would recomend the housing for any camera. Well built, solid, great balance and very compact. If you need depth the plastic OLY housings wont do it. The new Tetra coming for the 5050 has the ROC strobe control which will give you a leg up with your SB105. It wont give you TTL but you will have much better manual control in 12 half stop increments.
  3. I just sent a few images to Ofoto to see how their printing would be. The quality of the print itself was very good but they didnt get the exposure right on one image (land shot) and the color cast of a U/W pic was off. Anyone have a good experience with any other printing services? If yes what are they? Nemo
  4. Oly 3040 in a Tetra w/ a Inon 100 WA. one DX90, ISO 100 F5.6 1/60 strobe around 75%. Here is another from the same dive. I havent done much with it and remember this isnt the critque page
  5. Well that certainly started some comentary. Ive been shooting pretty happily with one DX90 and even in dark water never had it at 100%. In the conditions I dive most frequently there is no background so lighting it or having it in the field of focus is of no concern. The diver in the attached shot (which is no work of art) is about 12 - 15 feet from my camera. He just swam out fo the wreck when I was passing by & I pointed and shot. By the way he is a Brit. Which brings me to the point of my question. Bigger isnt better (in this case) and another DX90 for my current camera will be just fine. Being able to move it from the camera via slave (yes James I know what you think of those) is handy too.
  6. There has been a fair amount fo debate regarding virtues of DS125's vs DX90's but there hasnt been much discussion regarding other strobes. For those of us shooting W/A manual or with DSLR's there are other choices. Do most think these other strobes (i.e. Ike 200, Sea & Sea 350) are more power than needed for digital photography? Are we stuck on the idea that a wide range of power settings is needed rather than 4? Thoughts? Nemo
  7. Hey James where did you see a E20 fpr $900.00? Nemo
  8. Thats right you Brits dont speak American any better than we manage English. If memory serves getting pissed in the UK might mean getting too drunk.
  9. I picked up a Zip Photo Show for my Smart Media. Quick, easy, and light in wgt. You dont need the computer to make it work. Just slide your media into a slot in the drive and it just rewrites the data from the media to a 250 MB Zip disk. 250 is might likely be small for a power shooters raw files but if you are shooting Jpeg or tiff from a prosumer camera it works very well. Also does compact flash. You can also write your edited images to it in the form of a slide show and run it on any TV. Great for group viewing or setting up to just run at a party makes for some interesting conversaton. I paid $150.00 for mine.
  10. Pissers? Are people who will generally have a very good time regardless of what, where, or with whom they are doing it. When in a group eventually everyone will be having a great time but sometimes at the expense of one. My last trip to Scapa Flow there were us 2 yanks and 4 brits on the boat. In 7 days managed to make life long friends. Most of us suffered greater risk of injury from the laughing than from the depth. Mike
  11. Im glas I was able to supply such a great source of good fun. I have many friends from the UK and they are all pissers. Mike
  12. Hey I like it. I have made files of this image with tighter cropping but this is the file I submitted for the contest. (My first) Since the rules are pretty vague as to what one can do with an image I kept the composition pretty traditional and didnt do anything extreme with editing the file. Regarding Interflora what is it and why would they be intersted in this image? Mike
  13. Yes this price is the strobe only. It does come with a diffuser, orings, lube, batteries, etc. As far as arms go there are so many choices to make as far as length does depending on the tyoe images you will be making. Shorter for macro, longer for W/A. I prefer Ultralite myself but there are others out there.
  14. This is the tip of the stern 5.9" gun of the SMS Coln which was scuttled in Scapa Flow in 1919. Great growth for a dark cold water wreck and quite a contrast from the guns original purpose. I shot this with a Oly C3040, in a Tetra housing. 100 degree wide angle lens, and only one DX90 strobe, which was high and to the left about 24" from the camera. 1/50th sec. at F8. dont remember the strobes power setting. I didnt do much with Photoshop since I have entered this file in the BTS Open digital contest. I dodged some backscatter from water around the gun, and brought the brightness and contrast up a bit, and sharpened very little. (Im worried about what the judges might think) So is this a contender or should I go back to writing?
  15. I bought a DX90 from BHPhoto and it was $479.00. When you view the strobe on the website click the email me a better price icon and it should give you the $479.00 price.
  16. I went ULC with no regrets. Worth every penny when you buy a product that works perfectly and will last forever. One other thing to keep in mind your strobe arms and tray are keepers when you move to a different camera system, so the investment can be justified over a longer period of time.
  17. Does anyone have any experience with the SB102? GN? Angle of coverage etc.
  18. Hey Jim maybe the Nikon school choice should be just professionally trained. That would cover any school rather than just Nikon. Just another 2 cents
  19. Manual is the way to go. TTL may give resonable results in Macro but when shooting WA it is useless. Since this type of UW photography is meant to be an artistic expression why would you want a micro chip making these judgements for you.
  20. This is one of the 5.9" bow guns of the SMS Brummer. Both the Brummer and the Coln (from my eariler post) are German WW1 cruisers that were scuttled in Scapa Flow in 1919.
  21. Im with RooHopper Scapa Flow is world class (been there 3 times going back next Sept. ) Not many places in the world with this much heavy military iron in the water. It might be cold but the reduced marine growth (compared to warm water) helps to keep the wrecks looking like ships rather than reefs. See my posts in the gallery. For something closer and more red white and blue the Great Lakes are great. Good vis, moderate to deep (very deep) and the wrecks are in remarkable condition. Try this on for size 120' deep, two masted wooden sailing ship with the rig still standing, everything still looks like she could be sailed again, and there are more than 1 of these.
  22. University trained as part of my BS in Oceanographic Technology in late 70's. This was a mostly technical education using photography as a medium to record scientific observation. The artistic sense of photography was mostly ignored. The conversion from film to digital is self taught.
  23. Thanks Eric. By the way they are alien creatures to most air breathers. James, 53 is plenty warm in a drysuit.
  24. Im not sure if I like this shot. The ship lies on her starboard side so I am shooting at the surface and across the deck from starboard to port. This is one of the davits that stills remains. You can also see the remains of the rail.
  25. Im not sure if I like this shot. The ship lies on her starboard side so I am shooting at the surface and across the deck from starboard to port. This is one of the davits that stills remains. You can also see the remains of the rail. (The attachment is wrong, Im not sure why it picked up this image)
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