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  1. what are you asking for this?
  2. I also had an issue with my nauticam ttl underexposing, it worked perfectly on my d500 but when I switched it to the z7 if failed miserably. always massive underexposure. I contacted nauticam and was told it was an older model ttl converter and only the newer model would work on the z7, Have not tried the newer model as yet. Older model had switches newer one has a dial that is set specific to the strobes.
  3. Housing sold, no longer available
  4. Still available , relisted on ebay due to wrong photo as the main one (old listing showed the Bag not the housing) New listing Link https://www.ebay.com/itm/254110615575
  5. Listed this on Ebay for a 7 day listing, Looking for at least %1500 plus shipping, includes Vacuum valve, pump. soft Nauticam case. Has standard Nauticam fiberoptic strobe setup. https://www.ebay.com/itm/254106699353 Check the listing for photos.
  6. Now available online https://visa2egypt.gov.eg/eVisa/Home;jsessionid=kQwYHWs7qbfw46v-R_9EjOhjqb2Q_74s1dkY3utt.pp-ui-02?VISTK=O87F-CSM7-UL0I-JAIS-O94R-47R0-HA6D-VJTG-K2LG-1YF2-8SVI-HD78-0HEJ-KUQ7-SYOI-JWFA
  7. I have used my F-mount lenses with the ftz adapter on my z7 and have great IQ plus no auto fine tune was needed. Once they issue the new firmware that adds eye tracking, focus tracking should improve overall.
  8. Kenko recently announced a new series of HD teleconverters for both Canon and nikon designed for high resolution digital cameras, They claim they work with Nikon, Canon and Tokina lenses. Not sure about the 8-15 as they don't as yet list it on their site http://www.kenkoglobal.com/photo/lens_accessories/teleplus/kenko_teleplus_hd_pro_14x_dgx.html hope this helps
  9. PM sent, Undercurrent, Amos Nachoum, Aggressor staff 9Wayne, Anne, Andrew), Sri Lankan Government/Embassy, David Home,Annah Evington. Hope this helps clarify
  10. All Whale/Dolphin swimming permits were rescinded by the Government agencies for 2017 pending revision of the "rules". It is unclear if or when new permits for 2017 will be issued. I also had a trip scheduled in March of 2017 that I cancelled for this reason.
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