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  1. The E-Opto converter is compatible only with the Retra Flash: https://www.retra-uwt.com/collections/shop/products/e-opto-converter This is mainly because the optical sensors on flashguns respond differently to input signals (sensitivity) and we can not guarantee a working connection on all of them.
  2. If the camera is emitting a pre-flash (TTL) and you wish to utilise manual power adjustment please choose "Smart SL" mode. If you haven't changed any settings for your Retra Flash Pro X with your smartphone/tablet then it is set by default to position "U". Otherwise please connect your Retra Flash Pro X to your smartphone and assign "Smart SL" to position "U". Please read the instructions for Smart SL mode for details about the calibration process, operation and limitations when using this mode with rear curtain sync. Note: long exposure in "Smart SL" is limited to about 1/5 second because the flashgun can not wait to infinity for the main flash and there needs to be a timeout.
  3. Both flashguns will achieve the same sustained fps because the recycle speed is the same. The key word is "sustained". If you need this information it is available from recycle time: 1fps = power/recycle time Please note that power in the tech-spec is relative to the available power output of the flashgun. 80% power is not the same on the Pro and Prime versions in terms of actual light output. By "flashes in a row" I meant a very quick sequence, a short burst for which there is no time to really recharge the capacitors. Usually these are action shots that only last for 1 second or less. During that 1 second of action the Pro versions have the ability to light up more images at the same exposure because of their larger capacitors.
  4. The Pro version has larger capacitors and delivers more energy but if you set both flashguns to give the same exposure they have the same battery consumption. Basically if you used the Pro version up to about 50% power you would have the performance of the Prime in terms of light output and energy consumption. The added benefit of the Pro (due to larger capacitors) is that you can make more flashes in a row which I explained earlier with the buckets of water analogy.
  5. Correct. The pilot light is also weaker on the Prime versions, at 50% power on the Pro version you get about the same output on the pilot light as on the Prime at 100%. It's meant for both types of eneloops as they have a similar voltage drop when discharging.
  6. Both flashguns have same recycle speed. The Pro versions have larger capacitors which is why at full power they will give out more light than the Prime version. Because more energy is released it will take more time to refill the larger capacitors. Due to larger capacitors the Pro version is able to produce more equivalent power flashes in a row. Imagine a bucket of water, the Prime version is made from two buckets of water and would be able to fill 20 glasses whereas the Pro version can hold 3 buckets and would be able to fill 30 glasses. It's not possible to give recycle time in energy/second because the charging curve is not linear and this value is always changing. It's similar to electric cars and their batteries which charge very fast to about 70-80% capacity and slowly reach the last 20-30%.
  7. Hi Guy, there is no firmware update for the Original Retra Flash regarding the Additional battery compartment, you would still need to use them with the hardware modification. A different Mounting module is needed for the new flashguns. The old one fits but leaves a dark spot in the center of the snoot beam. Here you can get them: https://www.retra-uwt.com/collections/shop/products/mounting-module-for-retra-flash It's not possible to update the pilot light on the Original Retra Flash. Thank you @TimG for sharing your story about the leakage. One practical advice I have for everyone using the new flashguns (PRO, Prime, Pro X, Prime X) with the built-in leakage detector is that you should always have your flashgun turned on when you submerge it in water, especially when you first submerge it. The leakage detector works well but it works only if the flashgun is turned on. Early detection usually prevents extensive damage.
  8. Here is the news article from 2018 when we announced support for the Z-330: https://wetpixel.com/articles/retra-announces-support-for-lsd-with-inon-z330-strobe
  9. I think it's leftover from the Z-240 days where the pilot light was a true eccentric pilot light that was not ideal for snooting. With the Z-330 they have tilted the pilot light inward which now lights up in the center of the LSD optical tube. Attached is an image from Inon's website explaining the improvement.
  10. We stopped making the LSD bag about 3 years ago. There was not enough interest for this item since most photographers make use of their existing carrying solutions, mainly the diving pockets, or they attach more ropes and clips to the Optical tube.
  11. Orders for the Retra Flash will be open very soon. We have been planning something special for the 10 year anniversary...
  12. Thank you Tim The App Store and Google Play store need some time to update the app on your device. Basically you needed to do the reloading procedure because the Retra UWT App on your device was still the previous version and it didn't have the new firmware inside. You will be able to go through the procedure again in a day or two because we just solved a nasty bug that could result in unwanted triggers when using fully charged batteries with the Supercharger in TTL mode. Firmware version 3.12 will be available in a couple days, it's just going through the verification process...
  13. Hi Tom, we have updated the design of the E-Opto converter and it now features a rotating insert that fits the standard fiber optic plug. This new feature removes all stress from the cable and in case you need to exchange the cable it is done easily without any tools. The new design fits all existing E-Opto converters, please send me an email when you can. Thank you
  14. If they were serviced by us in 2020 or 2019 they have for sure been updated and the problem is solved.
  15. Unfortunately the Original Retra Flash does not have any option to update firmware outside of our workshop but this can be solved if you send the product to us for a firmware update. The pilot light output of the Prime/PRO is substantially improved for snooting and makes the whole process of positioning and aiming much easier. If a short recycle time is needed the Supercharger is available. For reference please take a look at the macro focused review of the Retra Flash PRO by Mike Bartick: http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-special-features/article/macro-critters-anilao-philippines-retra-flash-pro
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