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  1. On this same line of conversation...and since so many of you have Indo travel experience...I'm headed for Bali next week also on Cathay Pacific from LAX. I want to carryon my portercase. Has anyone had experience on these legs with their attention to the weight of the carryons? Thanks much in advance.
  2. I finally got around to posting to Ebay the remaining equipment that I used before I jumped on this crazy digital bandwagon. All my equipment is in good to great condition. I also just listed a Scubapro R380 that is like new. All proceeds immediately go right back into gear! SB105 is item # 320109623384 Nikonos T-cord is item # 320109624821 (ikelite housing to 2 nikonos strobes via single cords) Nikonos single cord is item # 320109624239 Scubapro R380 regulator is item # 320109619902
  3. Hi... My Ikelite T-cord is for sale on Ebay Item # 32008972602. Great condition. Also selling an SB 105 Item# 32008972371 which works well...cosmetically it is in fair to good condition. Just thought someone out there might be interested. These close Tuesday & Wednesday (3/13 & 3/14) respectively. thanks!
  4. The salt pier is my favorite dive. Last time I was there you had to 'sign up' to dive it a day in advance and get permission from a Bonaire security agency (done by the dive shop when you sign up) but don't let that stop you. We got permission both times we asked and it was terrific. The pier is incredibly photogenic...and look for reef squid in the vicinity.
  5. Hi..any one fly Cathay Pacific lately and can report on how they enforce their carryon luggage policies? Headed for Wakatobi in June and I'm trying to figure out how to pack. Thanks much!
  6. I've finally done it. I cleaned out my camera closet and committed all my Nikonos items to auction on Ebay -- dedicating myself irrevocably to digital and a streamlined closet! I keep very good care of my equipment and it is all in top working order, serviced pretty regularly, most with original user manuals where appropriate...if anyone is interested or know anyone who is interested, please do check it out or refer friends. The auctions all close next Sunday, Feb 4 or Monday the 5th. Thanks, greatly appreciated. EBAY: Nikonos V w/ 35 mm lens - item # 320076989748 Ultralight pivot tray w/ quick release arm - item # 320076796752 Nikonos 15 mm lens w/ viewfinder - item # 320076667905 Sekonic Marine Meter II w/ Ultralight bracket - item # 320076663933 Nikonos to Ikelite cord - item # 320076982687
  7. I'd also highly recommend Kai Viti divers and the Wananavu Resort up there. The diving is spectacular out of Raki Raki and the service is terrific. They'll come get you in Nadi..it's 2 1/2 hour up there but, IMHO, much better than the Nadi area.
  8. Hi..just thought I'd wrap this in case anyone else needed the info. My strobe's serial number is in the 7000s so it should be compatible. It does work simply to tell the meter not to turn off..but on my d70 I don't have an infinity option, the longest is 30 minutes. Ikelite said they could make a quick adjustment to make it work at no charge. I'll send it in when I return from my upcoming trip. Thanks all for comments & help.
  9. I tried it with my 200 and my 105s and it did happen but even it has occured when I'm using the DS125 & blue-banded cord ... when the strobe is on, it doesn't appear to happen... but when I turn the strobe off, it locks up again.
  10. wow, that's exactly what is happening. I'll have to call Ikelite to see if it occurs in the d70 housings in addition to the d200..thanks.
  11. Yes, originally I thought that had to be it because that's happened to me before but I checked all the levers. Also, when I don't move anything but simply turn on the DS125 (attached thru the ttl cord) then it ceases to freeze up.
  12. Hi..am hoping someone else has experienced and solved this problem before. Just put my D70 into an Ikelite housing. When I connect the housing hot shoe with no strobe attached, with a 125 turned off or with a nikonos strobe set up, the camera will lock up after a minute or two. It works at first, but after it sits for a minute, it goes 'dark.' I can hit the (bkt) button to bring it back to life, but I'd rather not. Do I have some sort of mysterious setting wrong or ...??? thx, Melissa
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