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  1. I would also recommend looking into a Solid State Drive when used with CS4. (google: cs4 intel x25) Interesting Example Results: http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2008/11/cs4_solidstate.html download.intel.com/design/flash/nand/extreme/Photoshop_CS4_Performance_Comparison.pdf http://www.anandtech.com/showdoc.aspx?i=3505&p=2 Enjoy! -- Robert
  2. Thanks for the picture, it really helped me determine that this is something I need. I googled it, and found it to be a "INNOVATIVE STAINLESS STEEL CARABINEER COIL LANYARD". - Robert
  3. Just ordered my Ikelite equipment. 5D Housing 8" dome port 2 DS-125 Flash kits Dual-sync cord. Thanks all for your help! - Robert
  4. Ok, I've just purchased an almost new 17 - 40 mm f/4 lens. I will be purchasing my Ikelite case with 8" dome soon. Thanks all for your input, - Robert
  5. Please do! I am very interested in the aspect of using diopter lens adaptors with various camera lenses. I know on the Ikelite website, there are recommendations for using +4 diopter adjustments, but I don't know if that applies to both the 6" and 8" dome ports. - Robert
  6. I am interested in the Ikelite 5D housing. I am looking thinking about getting the 8" dome (5510.81) I am currently focusing on either the 16-35mm or the 17-40mm zoom for uw shots. If I get the 15mm fisheye, then I will also purchse the 5510.10 body to attach to the same 8" dome.
  7. Thanks for the recommendations! Questions for each scenario... Which lens port do you use for each, and do you use a diopter adjustment when using the lens port? Thanks in Advance, Robert
  8. I have bought a Canon 5D. However, I need some guidance in buying the lens that I'll use underwater. I have seen underwater photographs using the 5D and a 28mm 1/2.8, and they look good. I was thinking that a zoom lens would be good underwater. Anyone with a 5D with recommendations? I haven't bought the housing, strobes, and lens port yet. Thanks in Advance, - Robert
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