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  1. If you're still looking, I have a 5503.90 to sell, but I don't need a trade, just trying to sell it.
  2. Just to be clear, the lens pictured is not part of the listing! I have a strobe arm that goes with the strobe but is not pictured.
  3. I have an original Canon 5D body with the Ikelite housing for sale. I'm looking to get $400 for the pair. It includes a bunch of batteries and 2 chargers for the camera. This would be perfect for someone looking to get into underwater photography with a full frame setup and not investing too much. I also have a 5" dome port originally intended for the 17-85mm lens (with the manual zoom adjustment built in) but it fits a number of different lenses I've found, including a 50mm, which I can throw in for $75. Additionally, for $125 I will include an Ikelite sync cable and an Ikelite 50 Strobe. It's just the old manual one but it is almost as bright as the new ones, and it runs on AA batteries with a surprisingly fast recycle time. I keep it with me when I travel because it's tiny and it's nice to have when I don't have time to charge anything as a backup. Take it all for $600 and I'll ship it free.
  4. Hello gang. I finally upgraded, and I've got my original 5D and the Ikelite housing up for sale. It's still a great camera, and it would be a great starting point for someone wanting to get into the underwater world. The camera has some studio use and is in great shape; I only had a chance to use the housing a handful of times. Pictures to follow. I'm willing to entertain all fair offers.
  5. Fellow enthuseasts, I'm in the market for a pair of strobes, and I'm somewhat torn between the DS51's and the DS125's. I like the smaller size of the 51's for traveling, but I am not a fan of carrying around a bunch of AA batteries all the time, and I'm told the modeling lights on the DS125 are bright enough for some casual video shooting. I have read that the 2500-5000 serial numbers on the DS125's require an upgrade from Ikelite for like $100 in order for the TTL to function on the newer cameras (again, 5d mk2 here). From what I've been reading though, it sounds like people have used them without much issue. Anyone on here have any experience with this range of serial numbers and shooting? Does the TTL work at all? Mostly? Does it just blast 100% all the time? Cheers, Bryan
  6. Any chance you'd be willing to part with the DS125 strobes by themselves? What serial numbers? Are the batteries NiCad or NiMH?
  7. Do you have this setup available still? I see you have two strobes but only a single strobe TTL cable. Any chance you'd be willing to break it apart?
  8. Hi Jack, I sent you a PM with a request for more info and photos, but if you could at least give me a quick idea what you're looking to get for the camera (how much use? clicks?) and housing to make sure we're on the same page. It seems like the few housings I've seen on ebay are going for around $900 depending on what's included. Cameras in excellent shape seem to be in a similar range, maybe a bit less. Bryan
  9. I'm looking to buy a 5D MKII (MK2) ikelite housing. For some reason they don't seem to exist anywhere on the internet for sale, aside from a few on eBay going for more money than the MK3 housings. If anyone is interested in unloading one, I'm looking to keep it to $900 or less depending what is all included. I have ports, just really need the housing itself: 6871.02 Cheers, Bryan
  10. http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/can17_85lens.html Special port for the Canon 17-85mm IS lens. Great lens for diving because it gives you a nice wide range, and a decent "macro" effect all in one. I also have a 20D housing (flooded) and an 8" dome port available. Taking offers.
  11. Ikelite 20D housing, it was in fact flooded at one point. Would still make a great cost-effective way for someone looking to get into underwater shooting. I do believe you can still fire the strobes manually. Also I have an 8" dome port (no sun shade) with some minor exterior surface scratches, though they don't affect image quality once underwater. Includes a neoprene cover. Looking for reasonable offers.
  12. If anyone's looking to get into underwater photography but not looking to break the bank, I've got an Ikelite 20D housing available. It was partially flooded at one point, but I believe you can still fire the flash manually, which is how I ever used it. Looking for offers if any.
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