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  1. another problem I have with my canon powershot A40 is that it sometimes stops working underwater and says E18 on the viewing monitor. Do you know what E18 means? I try to look in the manual but it said I have to check with the company. I searched through the Canon website but I could not find any answer. I sent email to them, no reply for half a year now. I asked camera dealers, they have no clue either.
  2. My camera was moistened because I forgot to put defogging liquid on it. This is the shot of frogfish that supposed to be clear but...... Anything I can do to make it better? Regards, Wasa Vasa
  3. The first and second photos actually are techinical errors from my camera when shooting the photos. I just enhance them a bit and these are result. The others are products of photoshop and my other useless photos (no fish and/or other objects. Instead of delete them, I just crop, enhance and play around with photoshop functions. The last three photos are real photos that I shot from the site.
  4. ..... so small.... I did not know what it was until I blew up the photo. Wasa Vasa
  5. last one.... soft coral these photos are natural color with a few photoshop crops and enhancement.
  6. First try to upload my photos. Trying to present some different views. These are the way I see the underwater world. Welcome all your comments and suggestions. Wasa Vasa
  7. I also share the same problems with Pattern. Thanks for telling me why my GP batteries do not work with this strobe. I have been figuring for a while. About diffusor, I tried using the provided one but the photos came out very bad, like no flash at all... so I gave up the diffusor. Now I try to adjust the speed shutter and it works quite okay except the yellow tone of photos still remain. May be I need some kind of guiding light too. Now I have only the strobe. I find it is very hard for my camera to focus when there is limited light. wasa
  8. also want to buy Olympus 5050 + housing too before Christmas. would appreciate if you oculd tell me where to buy
  9. James, If I am not wrong it was 1/800. F 8.0 (I have only 2 choices between (F8.0 and F2.8 for that shutter, it is the way the camera set) Strobe set at minimum power. The image above was enhanced already. This is the one that show you original look. :ph34r:
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