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  1. I have for sale Macro port and lens in as new condition for $950 Australian plus post. Located in Australia.
  2. Cannot help with port but I do have a spare 60mm macro and port. the port has never been wet as I just use the 12-50 port . I also have new in box dome for Lumix 7-14.
  3. The price of the Nauticam viewfinder put me off buying one for my GH4 . INON make a unit that is less than half the price,unfortunately it is not made for the GH4 housing. After a bit of research I was informed by my local INON agent that the barrel of the viewfinder is 20mm .Success !! I removed the cir-clip that holds the body to the mount ,measured the dimensions of the adapter and made one with the outer dimensions to slide into the GH4 mounting hole. One hour on the lathe and time to test. Fit the revised mount suck a vacuum ,come back half an hour later and light still green. Just back from 9 days at Lembeh and worked like a charm. No modification to viewfinder and original ring can go straight back if no longer required.
  4. EM10 Housing with 65mm macro port ,camera and 60mm lens. $1800, flip finder and CMC-1 $450
  5. Aquatica A7D Housing for Canon 7D. $800 I have three ports Subal port with Aquatica adapter ring ,machined down in length to bring it as close as possible to the front of 60mm macro so I could machine an adapter to slide over front for Nauticam flip 67 adapter. $120 Purpose made port for 100 macro $60 Aquatica 4inch mini dome. $400 Aqua view magnifier.$600 Tokina 10-17mm with focus gear $300 Canon 60mm macro $200 CANON 100mm macro $375 I also have 2 Canon 7D bodies ,one with less than 4000 actuation's and other 36000.
  6. Hi Mozdiver I would prefer to sell together. Thanks Chris
  7. I have houseing and magnifier for sale $550 US plus post. Is in good condition .
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