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  1. I sell a Nauticam multiplier -1 , with Nauticam flip adaptater for SMC Multiplier . Very good condition , no scratch on the lenses . 350 $ ( for the lense and the adaptater , indissociable lot ) + Transport from France (starting from the 30th of June) . Paypal prefered .
  2. Thank you Jack , we had already two answers from Zen about the DP-170-N85 first version , that have been published on our board in France : Sure thing, the DP-170-N85 works with the following lenses: - Panasonic 7-14mm f/4 plus 30mm extension - Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 plus 30mm extension - Olympus M.Zuiko 12mm - Olympus M.Zuiko 8mm f/1.8 PRO - Olympus 9-18mm f/4-5.6 plus 30mm extension Thank you for contacting us! Unfortunately, you cannot use the 12-40mm or the 12-50mm with the first version on the DP-170-N85. The reason is the the diameter of the lens is too large to pass through the Nauticam Mini Extension Rings. The DP-170-N85II actually has a larger inner diameter around the port base to allow the fatter lenses to pass through. The 12-50mm zoom gear is also too large in diameter to pass through the mini extension rings from Nauticam. That's correct, there is no vignetting with the Olympus M.Zuiko 8mm PRO lens and the DP-170-N85, even in the raw files. The corners are what you can expect from a fisheye lens, still soft, but very manageable when shooting the right subject.
  3. Hi Do you think that the 8mm Olympus fisheye will fit in the Zen DP-170-N85 first version . That would mean that the 7-14 Pana , 12-50 Oly and some others could be usable with the dome and a 30 mm extension? One dome only But I'm afraid that the 8 mm should undergo a little vignetting with the dome Thank
  4. Unfortunatly I had the same problem with the two kind of EM1 . The older and the newest silver version . Yes you can use the arrow to manage aperture and shutter speed and use the front dial to zoom pictures avoiding to use the rear dial . It's what I'm doing now .You can find the details in the very good book of Darrell Young " Mastering the Olympus Em1 " available also as a kindle .
  5. Probably several people will again tell me that I'm completely nuts and don't understand anything to underwater photography , but strobes are supposed to give light , but also and mainly color and this no larger aperture wil help to show any color in your work underwater ..especially under 10 m and more ..!! Thank you everybody for your warm welcome and your help in the improvement of my technical english .Now , I close this thread for myself as I don't belong to any of these group of people ..: " This lens is not for everyone and is directed like the rest of the "PRO" line at highness shooters, professional photographers and more." so no need that I loose anymore my time and yours .
  6. It seems that I get a false information about the weight of the 8 mm and I aopologise for that , but I'm not sure that the 8 mm with an EM1 or EM5 MarkII could be faster than a Nikon 10, 5 mm with a D7100 or 7200 ...
  7. I really don't understand why Olympus built such a heavy lense as the 8 mm fisheye suppose to weight 485 g !!!! The Tokina 10-17 is 350 g only , the Nikon 10,5 305 g !! Without speaking of the 165 g of the Panasonic 8 mm !!!!! What a strange world were we try to go as light as possible with the micro 43 and were the only thing that do Olympus is to innovate with probably the most heavy fisheye on the market all groups included . Normally we all agree to pay a very expensive price for the micro 43 lenses , assuming that this was for the miniaturization , but clearly this advantage is gone ..... Would you kindly notice also that the minimum distance of focus is exactly the same between the Pana and Oly 8mm , that the aperture at 1,8 is not of a major interest underwater . This lense will have to prove major optical benefices versus the Panasonic to be worth the need of spending 999 $ or € depending of your geographical situation
  8. That's fine , but will the curve of the 4,33 minidome be good for the 8mm of Olympus , not leading to the issue of softcorner as we already undergo a little with the 8 mm Pana use with the 4,33 and 3,5 as well , ???
  9. That being said , now I want the recipe of the cookies with almond oil
  10. The almond oil stay in the external ear , it don't go with water and stay stable when mix with salt water . It maintain a protection film on the so sensitive external auditory canal .
  11. yes , that's a pity !! If it can help , I had many many external otitis before , but things go better since I rince my ear after each dive with clean fresh water and put in before each dive one or two drops of sweet almond oil . Beautiful picture
  12. @ Eveybody :Thank you !! @ Tightlines : the first one has been light with my Inon YSD1 strobes , on TTL position and with a big piece of luck Also this the two first picture has been taken with the SMC from Nauticam .
  13. Hello Here a 3 pictures of marine creatures which have made their home of sea squirts , also call Tunicates . It has been taken with an OMD EM1 , 60 mm macro lense Olympus and various macro lenses . This year in Anilao ( Luzon Philippines ) I was able to meet the Tunicate schrimp, thank to Dennis Corpus manager from "Anilao Critter " 1 Unfortunately I have not found the scientific name of this schrimp .. But Dennis show me also the lady bugg 2 And also the Gobie taking care of is eggs on another sea quirts 3 There is plenty to see inside and outside the tunicates
  14. I have the 45 mm , but from Panasonic and the 60 mm from Olympus of course . I don't see any interest to try to use a micro fish eye lense which is built for macro wide angle with a macro lense especially the 60 mm from Olympus which is a film 120 mm . On the macro mode position of the 12-50 at 43 mm it dont' work , so I suppose that it'll be the same with the Panasonic 45 mm that I own also but I have forget in France and I 'm staying in the Philippines untill May ,.but I'm a sure that it won't work , the camera can't make the focus through a macro lense and the micro fish eye . I've use it with the 12-50 in between 40 and 50 mm ( no vignetting ) ( 80 to 100 mm film ) and that match with what tell Inon . I'm not very enthusiatic at the idea that I'm going to show not good picture , anyway if it can help you !! This one is not cropped , no change in any way , 44 mm with the 12-50 This one also not cropped , although the subject is not really CFWA , taken also at 44 on the 12-50 This one has been taken at 39 mm , you can see the vignetting appear no crop Of course if you are in the blue .... The good thing with that combination , is that you can obtain suns not too burn !! I wonder why ... ;-) This last one at 50 mm , not cropped as the other of course
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