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  1. Hi, I'll be traveling to Mauii in January with some family. We will be staying on the North west side of Mauii by the Kapalua airport. Can anyone recommend some good dive operators? I have never been to Mauii/Hawaii. I see most of the operators tend to be in the south region of Mauii. I assume its best to get an operator that is close to your resort? Do some operators offer shuttle services? Any information is very much appreciated. Thanks, Brett
  2. This is still available. Bill I sent you a PM. Any others interested please let me know.
  3. All housing and ports are in excellent shape. Ikelite housing for Nikon D70s with iTTL - $675 6" Dome #5503 up to 3" port - $100 Flat port #5502 Lens less than 3.5" - $50 Port for Nikkor 105mm with AF/MF switch - $125 Will sell as package for $875. Prices do not include shipping. Feel free to ask questions.
  4. Hi, I am moving to San Diego this week and looking for some good advice on Dive Operators in the region. I saw one lets you get a 1 year pass for $1000. Does any one have recommendations? Is the diving worth it? I am moving from the Midwest so the potential to dive most weekends of the year is very exciting for me! Any information is extremely appreciated. Thanks, Brett
  5. Hi, I will be over in the South Pacific/Asia in Late September/Early October and looking at the following locations for Scuba diving: Dumaguete, Phillipines vs Mabul/Sipidan Mainly looking at these areas as they seem to be good value. Want to keep it to about $1500 max for 7 nights accomidation + diving. I did however see that October is the end of the rainy season in the Phillipines. Has anyone been there in October? Would Mabul/Sipidan be any better weather wise? Its not too far from the Phillipines. I realize October may not be the optimal time in general for that region, but am kind of stuck around that time period and just looking for the best option. I don't mind a little shower here and there, but just don't want it rainy all day. I have been to Lembeh before and other dive locations (Komodo, Irian Jaya, Wakitobi) in Indonesia seem to be really expensive. Paticularily the Flights to the remote locations. I have found some discounted airlines in Asia that have cheap travel to Malaysia/Phillipines so they seem to be a more reasonable destination. Any input is appreciated. Thanks, Brett
  6. I am looking at planning my next dive trip and looking at the following locations: Philippines (Puerto Galera area) Mabu/Sipidan Indonesia (Wakitobi or Komodo) Possibly Caribbean if value is worth it. Philippines is cheap (under $2000 for 10 days), but how good is it. Plus I see there are travel advisories, more for the southern islands but does anyone know if there is anything to worry about? Mabul/Sipidan seems a little more expensive but still managable. Is Wakitobi worth the price? I am looking for a destination with great macro and photo ops. I have been to Lembeh, and loved it. I think I would love any of the destinations listed but just looking for more insight. As for time of travel, kind of looking at May but that is rushing it and may push it off to the fall time frame. Thanks, Brett
  7. Hi, I am going to Belize in late april with some friends and am looking for suggestions as to where to stay. We are looking for some place that is rather cheap, but still nice. Most importantly only a couple of us will be diving while the others may be more interested in mainland tours? We are definitely interested in night life too. Any suggestions on dive operators and/or resorts would be greatly appreciated. Also, what are "must" do top water adventures in Belize? Thanks, Brett
  8. Hi, I am thinking about going to Komodo for my next dive trip. When is the best time to go and who are good dive operators to go with (cheap if possible)? Is there any other destinations I should be considering? I have been to galapagos, Lembeh, Fiji, and Bali. Thanks, Brett
  9. Thanks, a lot for all the help. This gives me some things to try. Brett Yokom
  10. Hi, I have a Nikon D70s with an Ikelite housing (iTTL capability). I also have a Nikonos SB-105 strob that I am trying to use with it. I am trying to use the stobe on manual mode (full / 1/4 poswer). The strobe fires but the timing seems to be a bit off. Its too close to notice by listening, but the camera just isn't picking up the strobe. Does anyone have any experience with this? I have tried setting the D70s to rear curtain sync, but it doesnt seem to help. Thanks, Brett Yokom
  11. Hi, I am selling a Fisheye 15mm f/2.8 EX DG Diagonal Fisheye Autofocus Lens for Nikon AF. I originally picked this up some months ago on wetpixel as part of a package, but realize I need the money more than the lens itself. I have not used it at all. It is in perfect condition. The previous owner had it for 6 months. New it sells for $550. I ram asking was $300 + shipping. Price is not really negotiable since that is a very fair price. If interested email me at sharkbaitND@hotmail.com. Thanks, Brett Yokom
  12. Thanks everyone for the input, this helps alot. Brett
  13. Hi, I am looking to buy a Ikelite (non-TTL) housing for Nikon D70s. I am also looking for a couple of Nikonos Sb 105 strobes if anyone is looking to rid of some. You can email me at sharkbaitND@hotmail.com Thanks, Brett
  14. Hi, First off, thanks to everyone who replied to my previous question about traveling from Singapore to Thailand. So I have decided to spend 5 days in Bali (3 1/2 of those diving) and I know, at least think I do, that I want to dive in the Tulamben area. Does anyone have recomendations on who to dive through? Where to stay? We are two young guys, that really don't care about nice resorts and all, really just looking to maybe save some money and have heard there are cheap places to stay (Hostels). Are there any good cheap dive operators? I know that its not fun diving with bad guides so I don't mind spending more if needed. All comments are much appreciated. Also can anyone give me information on weather (from their experiences), we will be in Bali during the end of February through beginning of March. I have heard this is during the rainy season, but is it really that bad? Thanks, Brett
  15. Hey all, I will be taking a trip with a friend to Singapore/Thailand/Malaysia. We will be flying in and out of Singapore, and will be back packing up through Malaysia and up to Koh Samui and planning on hitting up the Full Moon Party. I would like to also get some days of diving in. The otptions that I really see are: 4 day liveaboard to the Similan Islands or 4 days diving around Koh Samui. I have been to a lot of good locations (Galapagos, Fiji, Lembeh) and would like the diving to be worth while. My friend is somewhat new to diving, but has dove in Australia. Any suggestions? I have heard Koh Samui is not that great? Are there any other locations I should be looking into? I have about a 4/5 day period to sneak the diving into, so I think that would rule out Sipidan or Indonesia, but any input is well appreciated. Thanks a lot, Brett
  16. Yeah, both lenses are actually still available. Give me an email and I can send you more specifics if wanted.
  17. I am selling the following two lenses: Inon UWL-100 Type 2 67mm thread (Wide Angle) Inon UCL-165 67mm thread (Macro) Both these lenses are perfect for most Olympus underwater housings, but check Inon website for compatibility. Add on maybe needed. The UWL-100 has been used on two dive trips. There is a scratch on the inside lens, the lens that faces the camera, but it gets filled in by the water and not noticable in the pictures. The UCL-165 is in great shape and has only been used on one dive trip. If your interested let me know and we can figure out something. I may also be interested in selling a Inon D180 with sync cord if enough interest. Strobe has been used on three dive trips. You can email me at sharkbaitND@hotmail.com if interested. I am selling cause I am upgrading to an SLR. Thanks, Brett
  18. Unfortunatly my strobe does not have the hardwire capabilities. I realize this may limit the performance capabilities of my rig and I may have to get a new strobe with the capabilities of hardwiring. Right now I would definitely like to keep using my current stobe, due to prices of new strobes.
  19. Hello, First of all I am new to Wetpixel and I appreciate everyone taking the time to give their expertise. So, I currently am using a Olympus C-3040 with a Inon D180 strobe and Inon macro and wide angle wet lens attachments. I like my rig but have decided it is time to update. I don't know if I really want to pay the money to update to the SLR yet. Ideally I would like to update to a camera that would be able to use the Inon strobe and lens attachments. I am willing to look to look into any suggestions that someone has but right now my current options are the Fuji E900 vs. the Olympus SP350. Here are the qualities that I am really looking for out of my new camera: 1) Quick Focusing time and Small Shutter lag. 2) Great Auto focus. This one may be more on me, but I had a lot of trouble shooting a Pygmy Sea horse and getting it in focus, I know I was with in the focusing range of the camera since some of the picture was in focus but I couldn't really get the Pygmy to ever get in focus. I attached a picture for example. 3) Flash Modes - This is a issue that I read about with the F900. When blocking the internal flash but usin the optical cable to fire the Inon, the flash will fire at full power and takes nine seconds to recharge. I have this same problem with my C3040. I see on the SP350 it has a slave mode that allows you to adjust the intensity at which the strobe fires, is this going to solve my problem, and can anyone with the E900 confirm this issue. Last does anyone know if the SP350 has capablities of adding 67mm wet lenses to the PT030 housing? I think I saw a adapter for $60. Any performance input that you have about either the F900 or SP350 is appreciated. I think I am leaning towards the SP350 over the F900, due to the slave option and its about $200 cheaper (with housing). Thanks for eveyones help!
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