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  1. Hi - I have been in the dive industry a long time and in production and know the problems. I pre-ordered the Retra Flash along with Allen Walker and Gemma. We understood the position of a new company starting up. My concerns were raised when we did not get any delivery after receiving written confirmation from Oska that they were to be delivered within 10 days, this started in June if I am not mistaken. Following this we received other e-mails from Oska stating the same - delivery in 10 or 15 days. After, I think the fourth such mail we now started to wonder what was going on? If we had received a mail saying hey guys we are much later than planned and that delivery has been pushed back, we would have understood. The simple fact that we were told to expect them and then did not after so many times was not good business. The refund from Oska was given but not with any apology, it was quite the opposite. If I am asked about Retra at DEMA and around, I will certainly say “wait and see”. Having had this service to-date what may be the service when products are returned? And there will be returns, because in manufacturing it is inevitable. I hope others have a better experience than me with Retra now and in the future… Barry
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