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  1. For sale a complete Seacam for canon 5dIII all in excellent condition. -underwater housing Seacam canon 5 dIII - 1 x Wideport -Superdome -Port macro -2 Zoom lens gear -2 portextension I only sell everything together, not separated sold by change to Olympus 4900 € transportation included from Madrid, Spain Seacam by Javi Parri, en Flickr
  2. One picture of the paradise of the macro, Lembeh
  3. My first picture, Dolphins in red sea. Canon 5d III + Seacam
  4. Hello, my name is Javier and I've been diving for 12 years, now with canon 5d III and seacam, but now I'm switching to Olympus because of its low weight and size, Regards and good dive
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