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  1. Your dealer should be able to send you a replacement clip.
  2. It sounds like it is a GH3 housing from the above, possibly with the upgrade installed. Several changes have been made to this in the new NA-GH4 version including integrated handles, vacuum PCB and new port lock mechanism.
  3. Where are you based? You can bring it to us and we can have a look at it with some different cables for you. We are in Bournemouth. Did you buy it in the UK? Alex
  4. I have a used one, where are you based?
  5. The new Saga holders fit the SMC with the SMC adapter it comes with. The only problem I found was the unused diopter getting in the way of the strobe but apart from that, fliptastic
  6. The tray was redesigned early and replacement of the part is very easy. The shape has been modified very slightly to ensure that the button rotates far enough to prevent this issue. If you are in the field already the best option I’d say would be to set the focus to the thumb lever and use this to focus. That way, the AF/M function on the camera is superfluous. If you don’t want to do that, a quick fix until you can have the part replaced would be to build up the part which connects to the dial using electrical tape or similar.
  7. I would get a 25222 M10 ball mounts and carry lanyard which would give you two ball mounts on the housing and a carry lanyard. You can then use a clamp to attach the Sola if it has a ball mount.
  8. Fisheye UWL28M67 or IDivesite UWL04 are both fisheye lenses (wider but with barrel distortion) at a cheaper price than the INON wide angle. We have them at £370 each.
  9. These are available now, we have them in stock.
  10. A lot depends of course on the subject matter you expect to encounter or prefer to focus on. I like the 60mm Olympus as it works well with wet close up lenses. Fisheye is excellent but very specific to the subject matter.
  11. Hello, I took a FIX Neo Blue light to the Red Sea last week and using just this and the yellow lens filter got some interesting results. All were taken with the Nauticam NA-EM10 with Olympus EM10 and the 60mm Olympus macro lens ISO around 640.
  12. We have stock Aliens but depends where you’re based.
  13. Not sure if this is totally relevant as I didn’t have time to read the whole thread but I had one erratic Z240 and it turned out that the ACC magnet had corroded to almost nothing so was no longer working when pushed in. Replaced this and worked fine again.
  14. In progress, let me find out where they are with it.
  15. You need to use a bit of force to push the pin through. Where are you based?
  16. Could be the autofocus assist also. Need to switch this off.
  17. I’ll bring one for you to play with on the Nauticam trial workshop in the Red Sea next week Interceptor
  18. Another option is an optical glass dome which would make a difference.
  19. The Nauticam system has been tested with a full battery and will give approx 1000 hours of constant green light on a full battery.
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