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  1. Hello, We are going for a family vacation for a week in Mahe, Seychelles. Hope to have 2 days diving there and looking for recommendations, can't find good data anywhere. probably we'll dive with www.dive-angelfish.com since they are the dive operator of the hotel but it's not a must. Prefer wide angle dives (as usual) Thanks in advance, Arnon
  2. Danny Weinberg (hope he saved me few for the next time I'll be in Eilat, I had a drive of four hours right after so couldn't drink there )
  3. Its was a great event, Personally I could get only for the last day of the competition (so i have a great excuses ) .won an Epson printer and got to the nominees for the best singular entry but was bitten by a good friend Danny Weinberg that his image was really impressive. Its was great to meet there so many photographers, hope to see even more next year.
  4. Seayoo www.seayoo.com, which appeared for the first time at the beginning of November 2008, is the first geographically-aware web site of its kind, enabling its members to meet other divers and find relevant content close to their homes or diving locations. Members are invited to share information about new diving locations, post photos, list equipment for sale and much more. A social network with user-generated content, Seayoo allows divers to keep in touch with each other and to meet new diving partners, while providing an exchange of information about dive sites, facilities and suppliers to help members with their travel plans and to provide a free place to publish diving articles, photos and videos. Seayoo has been made for passionate divers. It gives to anyone the possibility to have two separate environments separated by one mouse click. The environments include all the diving industry like divers, dive clubs, dive shops, live aboard, hotels and more. The first shows all the area close to the diver's home (My location) and the second shows an area choosed by the diver, in any other place of the world (My destination) with all the diving information. Seayoo.com is based on local knowledge and content provided by its members, for its members.
  5. I use Chris Peter water detector I have very good experience with it, Chris is very helpful and can modify the detector for your needs. This product have two main advantage over what you asked on: - Its have a buzzer (this buzzer saved my D200 when it start making noise when I was half body in the water before a shore dive without looking directly at my camera) - Its ~ half of the price.
  6. I'll go with one of - Sigma 17-70 if macro is better there. - Tokina 10-17 if WA preferred Both are very versatile lens, witch one to take is depend on the location and what you like more.
  7. Great images, especially the first and the third. Can you explain a bit about the third one?
  8. Very good images. I'm not sure you'll want to keep the last one in your portfolio
  9. Nice work, I have the original Ike's cover for the 8" but its a bit bulky to put in a pocket during a dive so that one looks like a good solution.
  10. BTW: its no more Sandisk's competition, from now on Epson is the official sponsor of the competition. Probably connected to the fact that Epson's manager in Israel is a diver.
  11. I agree with Tim that two are better, shame I don't have this option with my Ikelite housing. But there is one advance for the dual cord, its less one point of failure since there is one less bulkheads.
  12. FS: Ikelite 6" Dome Port for the Nikon 10.5 #5503.15, Little used almost like new. WTB: Ikelite #4116.32
  13. 2 X SB-105 They very cheep this days, give light as the most strobes in the market, use AA batteries that its very comfortable for me. When i bought them I didn't have an option for ITTL in the old Ike's D70 housing and I don't miss it from then. Disadvantage: slow recharging time.
  14. 1. Can I use the Coolpix S-510 with the SB-105 and get good pictures? Is this strictly a manual affair? Don't know the S-510 but the 105 are good strobes and work very well for me, of course in manual mode also with the D200 1a. I heard about an adaptor (HeinrichsWeikamp) but I don't know if it will work for my camera. It seems that this could emulate TTL with the Coolpix S-510??? As I remember the 105 is not working well with the HeinrichsWeikamp since its not recharge fast enough, but better check with the producer. 2. How good a strobe is the 105 for macro? very good 3. Is using the Nikonos V still an option? Good pics out of it still? It has a 35 mm lens, so I heard that it is a bad range. Seems to e that not since have such more advantage but there are still divers that use the Nikonos
  15. with or without Brianna in the pool also? Excellent images,
  16. The most different property is the length of the beam, its totally different light
  17. Impressive! Full portfolio from there
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