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  1. I've got two (2) Ikelite to Inon/S&S cables for sale. Each sync cable is capable of powering two Inon strobes. These are Ikelite 4118.2 cables that I purchased from Reef Photo. One has ~10 dives on it. The other has never been out of the bag.


    Retail at Reef Photo is $136.00. I'll take $100.00 each. I've sold the Inon Z-240s and am switching to SEACAM housings so, I have no need for these.


    Thanks for looking.

  2. I have 2 Inon Z-240 strobes for sale. They were purchased from abroad, are less than one year old and have about 10 dives on them. The strobes have ULCS AD-IN adapters on them. I have scans of the manuals in English, otherwise all documentation is in an Asian picture language (Japanese, I guess).



    I also have two dual Ikelite to Inon strobe cables available. One has ~10 dives on it. The other has never been wet.


    2 x Inon Z-240 Strobes (including ULCS AD-IN adapters) - $525.00 each or $1.025.00 for both.

    2 x Ikelite to Inon / S&S Cables ($100.00 each).


    I'll take $1,200 for the lot.


    My reason for selling is to make way for new Seacam gear.


    my eBay user ID is i_am_botso. If I don't move these in the next few days, I'll put them on eBay.

  3. Yet another vote for Martin Edge's book. Really good stuff.


    I took a PADI UW Photography Specialty on board the Taka II Liveaboard out of Cairns. I ended up with a fantastic instructor, Johnathan ("John O"), who knew what he was talking about photographically speaking. My guess is your luck will be hit or miss with your instructor. If you go that route, I'd ask lots of questions before you ponied up any cashola for a certification.


    I took Stephen Frink's Digital Immersion Class in Key Largo last year and am planning to take the Digital Master Class this summer. If you would like to learn a lot about the basics in a laid back environment, Steve's Immersion Course is a great place to do it. Steve's excellent photography skills are complemented by Daniel Brown and his extensive Photoshop knowledge. I cannot say enough about the diving in Key Largo, either.


    It looks like Steve's got an opening his August class. If you can do it, I heartily recommend it.


    And, as others have said before, Wetpixel is a great resource itself...

  4. If you'd like to learn a lot about RAW, I suggest the RAW without FUD DVD by Michael Tapes at www.RawWorkflow.Com.


    I bought the DVD along with a WhiBal (white balance) card last month and both were worth every penny.


    Also, if you know little about Color Management (like me), he offers a good introduction in the DVD. Though I'm not entirely sold on his choice of using the sRGB Color Space, he does a great job of explaining what color spaces are and how they impact photography.

  5. I went diving on the Pelagian out of Wakatobi last October (SW Sulawesi).


    I shot my Canon 5D, 100mm Macro using both DS-125s and Inon Z-240s. There were instances where I wish I had just a bit more flash. With the ability to adjust power settings on your 200s, you'll be fine.


    Since I had a cracked Ikelite port lock I ended up shooting the 100mm macro the entire trip. Of the ~32 dives, I only missed the WA on about 3 dives. I'd be surprised if you didn't shoot WA 2/3 to 3/4 of the trip.

  6. I'm currently using the Oceanic Shadow (lots of spit or Johnson's Baby Shampoo) and Atomic Aquatics Subframe with ARC technology. I LOVE the low volume Oceanic Shadow and am really growing to like the ARC. I'm not sure the ARC mask is worth the the full retail price. I have decided that I slightly prefer a single lens mask to one with two. I have noticed that I prefer a black skirted mask to a clear or see through skirt, especially if diving in shallow water when the sun is high on a cloudless day.



  7. Alex,


    I just got back from 10 days on the Pelagian out of Wakatobi (02-12 Oct).


    I used the Inon Z-240s for the first 5 days of diving exclusively. I had brand new Maha PowerEx 2700 batteries and was able to reliably shoot ~300 shots per charging. That number was reduced to about 175 images if the focusing lights were used. If I was at 250 shots after 2 dives, I found it better to change batteries rather than risk losing a strobe in the middle of the dive.


    I was using two Z-240s on manual, full power, with a Canon 5D in an Ikelite housing.


    I switched back to my beastly DS-125s on day 6 and was much happier with the recycle performance of the DS-125s over the Z-240s. I ended up shooting them the rest of the trip as there is a significant difference between 1 sec and 1.6 seconds. I had hoped to be able to replace the DS-125s completely with the Z-240s. Alas, that will not end up being the case. Given how you shoot/shot your subtronic strobes, I think the recycle performance might be a bit frustrating for you.


    All the best,



  8. Has anyone had any significant issues using Inon Z-240s (or other Inon Strobes) with Ikelite housings? I'm planning to replace my DS-125s with Inon Z-240s.


    I have a Canon 5D in an Ikelite Housing with dual Ike DS-125s. I know I will not be able to use eTTL and that does not bother me. I get significantly better results on manual anyway. Though using AA batteries doesn't excite me, saving a significant amount of size and weight does.



  9. I took Stephen Frink's Digitial Immersion class in Key Largo last month and learned a valuable lesson about shooting behavioral shots:


    Pay attention to the animal's behavior BEFORE you attempt the shot.


    After I wasted ~10 frames trying to get a good shot, I realized if I backed off a little bit, The Queen Angel captured below was actually a great model. S/he would chomp a bit on some coral and then stop and stare at me, chomp a bit more, stop and stare... and so on. By giving the animal time to work, I was able to rattle off about 20 decent images over a five minute period.


    A little more depth of field and I'd be 100% pleased with the image...



  10. Have a "used once" D200 with 12-24, 60, and 105 lenses, Seacam housing with flatport and wideport, S180 viewfinder, moisture alarm, csm switch, focus rings. Inon Z240 new strobe, used SB 105 strobe, sync cords, ultralight arms and connectors to make complete dive-ready u/w camera system. Moving sale. Reply here for particulars and price. Would like to sell everything as a package.


    I'm interested in the whole shebang. You can reach me here or email me at basim(at)mac(d0t)c0m. That would be @ mac . com without any spaces. Or, you can send me a private message here and I'll respond tomorrow.





  11. Not sold yet. I would part with it for $1000, or I'll let you know when it goes to ebay.




    If you still have this available, I'll take it at the $1000.00. you can reach me at basim (at) mac (d0t) c0m...






  12. Below is a link to the images I took on my first dive trip with the 5D in the Ikelite Housing. Come to think of it, it's the first dive trip where I had a camera all to myself. I've got a long way to go but I'm pleased with my first shots.


    All macro shots were taken with the Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro with the Ikelite flat port for the 100. The wide angle images were taken with the 24mm 1.4L in the 8" dome.




    Special Thanks to the good people at Digital Diver in Cairns, Australia for all their help. Without them, I'd not have taken any photos at all.



  13. If you've still not decided, there's an excellent deal for a 5d housing on eBay right now:




    $900.00 for the setup being offered is a steal.


    I purchased a Canon 5D, Ikelite Housing, 8" Dome and 100mm Macro Flat Port about 6 weeks ago. I took it on a trip to the outer Great Barrier Reef and The Coral Sea last month. Though the camera and Ikelite setup is a bit outside my current skill set, I was blown away by a few of the images I took. I'll post a few in the coming days.


    I'm going to Grand Cayman for Eco Week and Digital Madness in SEP so I'll have a good opportunity to break the system in properly (as well as receive some much needed instruction).

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