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    Nikon D200
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    Subal ND20
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    Inon 220S
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    ULCS Strobe arms
  1. I'm interested in you port.
  2. Selling my very good condition Subal 300 setup with Macro Port included. This is a Subal ND 20 that was converted to be used for the D300 as per (by Sam) as described in a UWP #44 Article, pages 22 & 23. The housing has the standard view finder and twin Sea & Sea Strobe connections. Included is: a very nice D300 Camera, Subal Housing, (2) Sea & Sea Strobe Cables, Macro Port for 60MM Nikon lens and Port Extension Ring to allow use of Nikon 105 AF-S VR. Looking to get $1100 + shipping for the Package. I also have the nearly new Nikon 105 Lens with all packaging that I will include for $525 if the buyer buys the housing. I am selling the FE 3 Dome Port separately - $600 + shipping.
  3. I have a mini dome type 3 port.
  4. Subal. Part 4ZN101 As new in the box. $75 OBO. Jeff
  5. To make this a more complete package I have added a standard (auto-focus) Macro port in with the package.
  6. I have recently serviced (Reef Photo) ND20 with standard viewfinder in excellent condiditon and a D200 Body for sale. I am also selling a port extention for the Nikon 12-24 lens and a small extention to allow use of the Nikon 105 Macro lens. This set-up does not include the macro or dome ports themselves but they are readily available. I might be interested in selling the 12 -24 lens as well. Looking to get $2000 for the Housing and the body and $100/ea for the port extentions. PM me or email me at kidsdream@earthlink.net if you have any questions.
  7. I "think" I am looking for a "mid" distance lens to capture schooling sharks and groups of rays. I have a 16mm prime Nikkor that I love, but you need to get close to get great shots. And my 12-24 (with a diopter) and my 18-70 Nikon (stock) lens just are not sharp for animals that are 30-80' away.
  8. Going to Cocos in June and am looking for recommendations for a Big animal blue water lens to work with my Subal/ Nikon D200. I most likely will be upgrading to a D300 or D7000 soon, so I want to stay with a compatible lens, I have a Nikon 12-24 that I used in the Galapagos etc., but I this lens is quite long enough and is a better lens on land than in the water (IMHO). I have some fish-eye lenses that a great for wrecks but are not appropriate. Any suggestions among the Sigma or Nikon offerings would be sincerely appreciated.
  9. Thanks - I found a 220 local to NJ/NY as a result of my posting.
  10. Looking to pick-up a Inon strobe. Please PM me or better yet email me at kidsdream@earthlink.net. Thanks in advance.
  11. Tough to get a unique perspective on this most frequently photographed wreck.
  12. I have a like new Ultra Light Control System AC-USLM 1" ball mount adapter to attach a UK Mini Q40 (or similar AA light) to your housing or arm set-up. $24 delivered.
  13. Cleaning out the locker and came across the Fiber Optic kit made for the YS-90 strobes. I used it for a short while before I went to a hardwired connection. Included is extra un-used Velcro for your housing. I am sure this kit could also be modified to be used for other strobes with a minor modes.
  14. Cleaning out my stockpile of unused equipment. I have a (1) Optical D Cable/Cap W5 Set. This was originally designed for the PT-015 housing but would workd with similar OEM housings. This is new in the box, never been used. I also have a spair Optical D also new in its own box. Combined you can set up 2 Inon strobes (the clamp in the W5 set can support both cables).
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