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  1. Hiya, [please note, this housing is located in Australia--happy to ship internationally at buyers expense] I recently purchased a different setup to better suit my needs and I'm now looking to part ways with my Sony a6300 + Sea & Sea housing. This has been my portable underwater dive setup for a few years now. Purchased new in 2018. This setup has been well loved and used—as such, there’s some cosmetic damage (see photos), but it’s all in perfect working condition. It’s a dive-rated housing (100m) and incredibly ergonomic, which has been a dream when shooting manual. Assembly for use is super easy and I've never once felt wary of its capability in the water. I had the housing serviced in October 2021—it was vacuum tested and pressure tested and passed all factory specifications I’d ideally like to sell the lot as a bundle, but the housing is also compatible with the Sony a6000 and a6500, so if you’re looking to purchase without the camera, let me know and we can discuss a price. Here’s what’s in the bundle: Sea & Sea MDX-a6300 Housing Sea & Sea ML Flat Port 33 Sea & Sea Zoom Gear for Sony 16-50mm Sea & Sea ML Hand Strap Sony A6300 Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 1x Sony Lithium Ion Battery RavPower NP-FW50 PowerBank USB Charger + 2 Li-Ion batteries (please note, this requires a micro usb cord & charging block, I do not have a spare to sell with the bundle) Brand new, this setup cost about $5800 AUD. I’m looking to part with it for $3000 AUD. I’ve attached a handful of images that I have taken with the camera/housing. Some configurations are different than what I have offered here because I left a good bit of my gear in the states when I left for aus. Let me know if ya have any questions!
  2. Thanks all for your feedback! I appreciate your time and thoughts. Lots of good points raised. @Barmaglot to answer your questions: long story short, I was shooting with the 10-18mm, but my dome port started leaking and, for reasons, I sold the lens and switched to my kit lens + flat port. Basically, I don't want to sink a bunch of money into a new lens for the sony + new port for a camera that is now discontinued and likely soon regarded as outdated. I also found that, when I was shooting with my D800+20mm the photos just looked...clearer? Like, there was more depth to them? I'm not entirely sure how to describe it, but I much preferred the out-of-camera RAWs from the Nikon. I think I'd rather sell the system as a package now and use the money to fund something I can use for the next few years. I shoot with natural light and photo is my absolute priority for the system. When I bought the Sony, I thought I'd delve into video more, but it never happened. I love the process of taking still photos too much.
  3. Hello all! I am looking to upgrade my system. I've been traveling around with my Sony a6300+Sea & Sea housing, which I love for its portability and versatility--but the optics just aren't cutting it for me anymore. And, I've finally settled in a spot for a few months so I'm throwing portability out the window. I'm currently working on Ningaloo Reef during whale shark/humpback season and I'm looking for a solid wide angle setup. I have the D800, which I've used in Aquatech housing (back in the states, though) w/the Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G and I loved how the photos turned out, but I found the autofocus to be a bit slow/tough to pick up on a moving subject. I've been looking into the D850, but I'm looking for thoughts and opinions from people who have used this camera. After being released so many years ago, do you think that the D850 has some lifespan to it? I'm afraid to invest in a soon-to-be outdated system, but I've heard that the D850 is regarded (by some) as best of its class when it comes to DSLRs. The world is shifting to mirrorless, but the technology seems to be advancing so quickly--I don't really have the funds to continually upgrade. I'm looking for something reliable and high quality that can (hopefully) last me a few years. Cheers!
  4. Hiya!! I'm Kate. I come from the States, but I'm currently living and working on Ningaloo reef in Aus. Been exploring the world with photography for well over a decade and delved into underwater photog about 6 years ago. So far in life, I've made a living working as a marine science educator, scuba instructor, and from the eco-tourism industry. The ocean is one of my favorite places to be! You can find me on insta @kate.e.powell
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