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  1. The official release date is tomorrow (7th April) for the UK only. With other countries coming in the months after that. Amazon.com (for the USA) lists the book going on sale on 1st October. I don't know where that date has come from. I will investigate with the publisher once I have done more signing. I received a large delivery of books that I have bought on Monday. It is not enough for all my pre-orders - but I am pressuring the publisher for more copies. For the books ordered from me, I am working through the pre-orders in chronological order and sending them out around the world. Many people have asked for dedication messages - and it takes time to write these and then pack and post the orders. Right now I have just signed my 400th book. I am currently up to orders placed on the 5th March - although the number of orders per day is much lower through March than the peak when the book was (accidentally) announced on 29th February! So hopefully I will reach your order in the next few days. Although if I do not receive more books from the publisher I may be delayed further. The book has sold better than expected - for which I am grateful. My original order for books was 400 copies for me to sign and sell. I have had to reorder more books two times already. There is also a strong demand from book sellers, which is why I was forced to wait until Monday 4th April to receive my first sizeable order of books, because the warehouse was out of stock. I email everyone when I have sent their order. The first orders I sent are now starting to reach people in all parts of the world. Alex
  2. Looks nice. I have the inside part (a D5), just need the outside (a housing). Alex
  3. Not at the moment. But I hope it will be later this year. Still TBC. Hopefully they will start shipping in the next few days. Yes, I wrote the book aware that most readers would have Martin's books (which I also wrote chapters in). Alex
  4. I don't know where the new Amazon USA date comes from - I heard it from someone else too. The publisher is, obviously, in charge of the distribution. But the plan has always been to launch in the UK and USA at roughly the same time - with a USA a little delayed because of distribution - the UK Amazon launch date is 7th April (this week). The original Amazon USA (amazon.com) date was 27th April, which made sense to me. I do know that we've all been very surprised by the demand and this has resulted in changes to distribution plans because there just aren't enough books to go around, maybe this is the reason for the new Amazon.com date - however, I still don't believe it, but I will update if I learn more. Alex
  5. The first people should receive their copies today. Adam has published Wetpixel's review of the book: http://wetpixel.com/articles/review-underwater-photography-masterclass-by-alex-mustard Alex
  6. I expect to receive the books around Easter time. And be posting them straight afterwards. Hopefully. I am speaking at the April meeting of BSoUP and will have some books with me, I am sure. Alex
  7. There is still time from me. I plan to leave the website up for orders until at least the end of the month. And will keep some back for direct sales for the talks I have in April/May in the UK. But we are moving at the end of May - so they have to be all gone by then - so we can use the cardboard boxes for packing! Alex
  8. Your hands and your Aquatica are in it (page 30) - so you have to get a copy! Yes, I benefit significantly more from direct sales than if you buy from Amazon. But given the cardboard boxes/living room issues - I only plan to sell a fixed number of books myself and then I'll stop. In fact, given the interest I think I will actually have sold out the ones I have bought with just pre-orders (and I don't plan to order more). Alex
  9. I hope so. It won't happen straight away, but if the books sells well then it will be easier for me to persuade the publisher to do one. Alex
  10. Adam already posted about this on the frontpage, but if you are like me, you will often come direct to the forums, so I wanted to announce this here too. I am very excited that my new book is now printed and will soon be shipping. It has been a long wait since finishing writing it at the end of August to finally seeing the finished copy in my hands. The book is called Underwater Photography Masterclass and should be reasonably widely available. Amazon USA has a great pre-order price right now. I am also selling it from my website, but even lightweight books are expensive to ship - so that adds quite a bit to the price. I have tried to write and original and inspiring book on the subject. As well as covering classic and brand new techniques. Although the book is a complete course on underwater photography, the book's focus is on Light and Lighting. I have also made a short video about it: The book's website is: http://underwaterphotographybook.com Alex
  11. Why? Just out of interest?
  12. Cool. I can't yet see what the solution is for that tricky ISO button.
  13. I had one when we were in Cayman together (last year). I like it, but it hasn’t seen much use because I haven’t done a macro trip for the last year. I find it is good in darker conditions, but less so in shallow bright conditions (Egypt). Hoping to use it in a couple of weeks in Philippines. I think its best use is carrying in a pocket for unplanned backlighting of macro subjects. Alex
  14. Ditto Tom’s words. Excellent reporting on the Nikon Pro Roadshow. Definitely saves me having to go to the one closest to me. The ISO button on the D4 was on the back, below the screen, not on the top left of the camera. This allowed housing manufacturer’s to make a left thumb paddle for the ISO, which was nice. The new position, as you say is more problematic for housing design. Yet being such a critical feature its ease of use will be a major differentiator in D5 housing ergonomics. Thanks also for the BOOT show report. Alex
  15. For the D3/D300 launch the special gift was a D3 branded calculator!
  16. I;d recommend a very close look at the 28mm and Nauticam WWL-1 lens, which I think is the best optical solution, although I don't think it gives 180˚ corner to corner.
  17. A friend of mine tried his D5 (pre-production) in his D4 housing (a Subal) and it does not fit. It is a few mm too big. So housing manufacturer's will be happy. Photographers less so.
  18. I have used XQD cards since switching to the D4 (I have only ever owned two of them - one and a card reader came free with the camera) - and that camera is now at 200,000 clicks. Through USB3 they download super fast (especially because the camera is not that high resolution). I really like them and will spec my D5 as dual XQD. I think lack of pop-up flash on the D500 is probably about weatherproofing - as a major market for this camera will be nature photographers. Alex
  19. The AFS VR version is the newest. AF-D is the previous version. The AI-S is manual focus. This is the review I wrote on using the 105mm AFS VR when it was new - in 2006! http://wetpixel.com/articles/nikon-105mm-vr-review I have not used the older version since writing that review. I now own two VR versions. Alex
  20. Nikon are expected to launch the Nikon D5 at the start of 2016. It is expected to be a 20MP replacement for the 16MP Nikon D4S. When Nikon replaced the D3 with the D4 they received a lot of criticism from press/sports photographers (the intended market for the camera) because they made a host of minor layout changes to the main controls on the camera body. This is a problem for the photojournos because they will often shoot 2-5 bodies at the same time (each with different lenses) and want to be able to swap between them seamlessly. When a new camera comes out they want to be able to use it side by side with their existing cameras. When Nikon released the Nikon D4S they went to pains to point out that it has identical controls to the D4 - seeing this as a major selling point. For this reason I have been hoping that the Nikon D5 will be physically identical to the D4S in terms of the layout of its major controls. And therefore would fit into Nikon D4S housings. Something I am personally interested it - as I use a D4S housing! ------ UPDATE. Yesterday Nikon Rumours posted some leaked photos of a "Nikon D5" http://nikonrumors.com/2015/12/14/the-upcoming-nikon-d5-dslr-camera-will-have-a-20-mp-sensor-plus-more-leaked-d5-pictures.aspx/ I have never put much stock in what Nikon Rumors say, well not since I had a pre-production Nikon D800 in my hand and read their inaccurate speculation about the “forthcoming” Nikon D800. However, their Nikon D5 photos look pretty legit to me. I think that they are officially leaked by Nikon to raise some hype for the D5 (not the best week to do it when everyone is focussed on The Force Awakens!) - which is why there is a Sigma lens on it - Nikon trying to be clever! http://nikonrumors.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Nikon-D5-camera-leaked-1.jpg http://nikonrumors.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Nikon-D5-camera-leaked-4-550x479.jpg The photos do indeed suggest a very similar chassis to the D4s. Which bodes well. There are some extra Function Buttons that are in new positions and the ISO button has been moved - which I believe it had to. I even commented in my UW Nikon D4 review that this important control was easier to use through the housing than on the camera body (which is dumb design by Nikon for a function that so defines the camera). From a quick scan of the images, I look forward to trying it in a housing. The ISO button and function buttons looks the main hitches. But I would also expect the camera to have a high degree of button customisation - and I would be very surprised that ISO could not be reprogrammed to another button. All that may be wishful thinking. As so often Nikon have put some bulge somewhere on the camera body that inadvertently scuppers using it in an existing housing! Alex p.s. Long term I would likely get a dedicated housing for the D5, just because of the workload it will get, but it would be great to have 95% functionality from the release of the camera using the old housing.
  21. My guess is that it will offer an improvement on all large domes, but will work best with the dome it was designed for. The level of improvement is what will make the tests interesting. Happy to come up and help with the testing Adam, once I am back from Philippines and Palau. Alex
  22. My understanding of the Sea & Sea diopter is that is is aspherical, so that it counteracts the field curvature caused by a dome port, creating a flatter field for the lens to focus on. It must be designed for a specific dome port - rather than specific lenses (as implied on the Reef Photo page) - and that is Sea & Sea's dome. But I would expect it to make improvements on most domes - as they are all pretty similar in shape. I do think it is a good solution in making a significant difference to image quality at an affordable price. If it offers two stop improvement to corner performance that is pretty comparable to the other options out there (my corrector port, my RS lenses etc) which cost a lot more than 400 USD.
  23. D7200 is an excellent camera. Fantastic image quality and better AF than a D800. However Thom Hogan thinks the D400 might finally appear in the first half of next year. I am sure I written that most years since 2009! http://www.dslrbodies.com/newsviews/new-nikon-lens-prices.html Alex
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