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  1. I have an Olympus C-8080 Camera in Like New Condition with less than 500 snaps on the camera. Includes accessories in original box and an extra battery. I only used this camera to dive but have recently sold the housing. Asking $400 (US Shipping Included). Pictures Posted Here
  2. I have a Ikelite 4100.6 Manual Controller for sale. Used on a couple of dive trips before I upgraded to Olympus C-8080 with sync cord. It is in good condition but no manual/pamphlet but the information is online. $50 plus shipping for US orders only. Here are a couple of photos.
  3. Carol, I think you are right about the 105VR. My 105VR arrived today and it looks like it will be even more fun than I anticipated. I shot these about 15 minutes after opening the lens. I can't wait to find some blennies.
  4. You are truly EVIL and definitely a bad influence!! I am being directed to Cancun in June as a joint vacation with another family. Not bad as I am trying to get two or three others to learn to dive and this is a really great spot for beginners. I have dove Cancun many times over the years and feel it is really under rated as I have seen some great critters. The shallow dive environment and clear water there is very conducive to the wide angle and that has me a little torn about going with macro only. Before the Cancun trip I want to hit the Flower Gardens again multiple times. The flower gardens are a great spot for macro but it is one of those areas that I think is inevitable for Mr. Big?? to show up and make you wish for a wide angle. But what do you do with that wide angle if nothing shows? When we hit the oil rigs there are plenty of opportunities to shot wide or macro as the structure itself makes for some fun shots. Wide angle at the Flower Gardens and Stetson Bank do not offer as much wide angle interest to me until something decent swims by. Cozumel is a staple trip but the family does not want to go there this year, so I will have time to evolve before returning. Anyway, that is the potiental dive roster for now.
  5. I feel like I have built up some experience with the c-8080 that is comparable to what a 60mm lens would provide, so I know this will be the fairly straitforward swap. I am wanting to push into new territor, so that is why I am looking to either wide angle or more macro.
  6. Over the years, photography has taught me that I improve more by forcing myself to stay with a technique and keep working to refine that technique. If I allow myself the jump around between setup configurations, I tend to do OK but the learning curve and results are slower. I am in the process of switching from an c-8080 setup to a D200 setup. I have been shooting the D-200 since it was introduced and the D2h and F100 prior to that. I have the 10.5, 12-24 and 105VR to choose to dive. If I were to pick an area to start buying ports, should I start learning to dive the camera, would I be better off learning the macro side or the wide angle? I am guessing wide angle will be harder to produce results to start off. My previous experience has been building more toward macro, primarily because the little DS-50 and C-8080 were geared more toward portrait shots. I am leaning toward getting a port for the 105VR and latter grabbing a 60mm lens to use behind the same port. Then pulling in the wide angle after I have spent time with the macro end. If money were no object (yea right ) and I could get ports for the 10.5, 12-24 and the 105, would you recommend taking them all on your first big trip with the equipment? Thanks for your feedback.
  7. Thanks, but if I keep saving money this way, I will have to file for bankruptcy.
  8. Thanks for the Feedback. It is interesting that you mentioned loose ports on the Ikelite as I was reading a similar thread on the lack of port locks on the Aquatica. I know Ikelite has improved their product lineup over the past few years and the new dome port has attracted my attention. I have been pleased with the quality and build of my existing Ikelite housing and I was glad to see the D200 was not a complete box housing, keeping it a little smaller. If the quality and functionality is similar I am having a hard time justifying the extra expense and the ability to purchase from NY vendors without tax is another savings. I am keeping my eye out for used systems and will keep my mind open. Keep up the good work. You have some really nice stuff on your website. Jeff
  9. Simon, This is your fault and I expect you to answer to my wife for the problems you have created!! I jumped over to your website and it was the final straw. After looking over your macro shots, I hit B&H and ordered the 105vr lens. So when my wife hits the ceiling, I am totally blaming you. Since you now owe me, tell me why you would not get an Ikelite housing. To me the size looks similar and there are some pluses to both materials for housings, but what features do you dislike about Ikelite? I have never been much on manual flash control and the best thing I ever did was switch to the sync cord on the Oly 8080 housing. I expect the TTL to be a big help, am I wrong? Thanks for the feedback on the DS-125's. I think I will save my money and back and go with the smaller strobes.
  10. I got the weights from the Adorama website specs for the strobes. I am looking at housing a D200 and I am struggling with what lens to house. I have added up some the equipment and had to go eat some rolaids. I am looking at replacing my C-8080 rig and am starting to wonder if I am nuts. Anyway: After looking over some popular lens choices, I am setting back and thinking that since I have shot Nikon for a long time I should try to use some of the lenses I already own before I plop down money on a housing, ports, strobes AND ANOTHER LENS. I already own the following Nikors 10.5, 12-14, 28-70 and some others that seem to be dove by others frequently. I am tempted by but do not own the 60mm macro. Wide angle has never been much of an option for the C-8080 with a DS-50, but since I have some wide angle lenses for the D200, I have wondered if I should try to get the larger flashes for the 10.5 and 12-24. Unless I am mistaken, I am hesitant to go this route because I expect wide angle shots to be a lot harder to compose and get good results than fish potrait and macro. Am I wrong or should I just get a 60 and live with that for a while? I am really leary that a really heavy rig will make me regret the DS-200. How have your DS-125's performed at wider angles?
  11. The price I listed and linked were for a strobe package that included battery, smart charger, ball and soccet arm system and sync cord. Adorama appears to have lower prices than Ryan Canon.
  12. I have been looking at the DS-200 or DS-125 for a matching dual strobe setup, but I have seen a number of comments on the size/weight of the DS-200 that leads me to believe that it may not be worth hauling around. What are you opinions of the DS-200? Is the light output of the DS-200 superior to the DS-125 in wide angle, portrait and macro? Is it enough to justify the difference and when? Adorama DS-125-2.75 lbs-$819 DS-200-3.90 lbs-$1,299.95 Total 2.3 lbs and $961.90 difference in a dual strobe setup. My wallet definitely feels the difference, but what else. Thanks for you input. Donations accepted. Jeff If possible, please refrain from bringing other brands of strobes to the discussion. I wish to keep on the Ikelite path for now. No offence intended to Inon and other strobe fans. Sorry I thought I posted this under the strobe and lighting section. Shows you should not try to work and post.
  13. I cannot speak to the 5060 but I have put an 8gig CF card in the 8080 without any issues. You might want to verify you have the current firmware loaded (the current firmware for the 5060 is v756-81) and format the card using the camera.
  14. I currently own a Oly C-8080 in an Ikelite housing with DS50 strobe. It is in mint condition and I have not been diving recently. I have a trip coming up this June and am getting ready to tune up and was considering (ok, I am always considering) upgrading some equipment. I just do not currently see much in the new and improved camera arena for diving purposes. I believe the lack of RAW on most advanced P&S cameras is a very limiting factor when diving. The 8080 has performed well but does write RAW files slowly. The SP550 looked promising but that long lens looks like it might be a problem to house (if Ikelite produces a housing before June). I saw the AA battery option and thought what the *&^*!!# were they thinking. I know I can get the rechargables, but I prefer dealing with one higher quality battery. How much faster can the SP550 write a RAW file? What would you do to upgrade? 1. Is there a better P&S rig? 2. Keep the 8080 and get a bigger strobe? 3. Get a 2 handle tray and add a strobe? (which strobe?) I have avoided housing my DSLR, but this may be something I do down the road. I just hate tripling the cost and doubling the luggage, then wind up diving with a fixed lens. I enjoy this stuff but I have a lot to learn before I spend that much money. http://www.pbase.com/jeff_edwards_tx/cozumel_2005
  15. Does the extension ring setup work with the old 105 and the new VR105? Is there more flood risk with extension rings?
  16. The Nikon p500 does not offer RAW. There is not a current point and shoot from Nikon with RAW.
  17. I received two URE5 lens adapters after waiting for months. I only need one and will sell the other. It is new and in the box. Looking for $20 plus shipping.
  18. I have had real trouble locating this ring and cannot use a 19mm lens without it. What really gripes me, is that it was only developed for the 19mm lens which can only be used on the CP5000 and it is sold seperately from the lens.
  19. What I am really wanting to know is if 256mg, 512mg and up cards will work ok with the Coolpix 5000.
  20. Just got a Coolpix 5000 and was researching the larger compact flash cards. The Nikon book does not list anything larger than 10x 160mg in their book. Might be due to the larger cards being newer. Anyone using larger compact flash cards (256mg and up) that are listed as faster ie: 16x. The industry seems all over the map on standards and it is rapidly changing. I just don't want to get burned buying a couple of expensive cards that do not work with the camera. [Edited on 2-2-2002 by tx51210]
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