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  1. Hi all,


    Selling my old Ikelite 7D housing with camera, lenses, strobe and accessories (reason for selling as I'm upgrading to full frame). All up originally cost me around $6000. Asking $1650 for everything.

    As expected, some cosmetic blemishes and wear and tear. But importantly, all glass/acrylic scratch free. If you're looking for a solid entry point to DSLR underwater photography, this a pretty good setup. 95% of the underwater images on here were taken with this setup. paulcaiger.photoshelter.com/ post-80599-0-44306600-1543772268_thumb.jpg



    -Canon 7D

    -Canon 60 mm lens

    -Tokina 10-17 mm lens (flange on lens mount damaged, but works perfectly)

    -Ikelite DS-51 strobe

    -Ikelite housing for 7D

    -Macromate wet lens diopter

    -Ikelite modular flat port

    -Ikelite 8" dome with neoprene cover

    -Port extension for Canon 60 mm lens

    -Port extension for Canon 17-40 mm lens

    -Port extension for Canon 100 mmL lens with manual focus knob

    -Port extension for Tokina 10-17 mm

    -Zoom gear for Tokina 10-17 mm

    -Leak sentinel vacuum system (vacuum system works, LED light doesn't)

    -2 x Ikelite clamps

    -4 x Ikelite ball mounts (for arms and focus light)

    -Ultralight arm section



    Message me if you would like more details or images of specific gear etc.







  2. Hi all. Selling a macromate diopter for Ikelite housings with modular ports.


    Few scratches on the plastic exterior, but glass is scratch free. Example image of the head of a small athecate hydroid with Canon 7D, 100mm lens + macromate.


    RRP $599, selling for $250, plus shipping from Massachusetts.





  3. And the new Canon 35mm macro lens is good for fish portraits and does 1:1 macro. Sea and Sea just came out with a port for it, so even more reason to skip the mid range zoom.


    Any reports on the quality of this lens yet? The $299 price tag makes me wonder. I am an avid fish portrait fan, but sometime the focal length of the 60 mm is too long (on cropped sensor), and am looking for an alternative.



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