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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has some experience with using the WWL-1 or any other (full zoom trough) wet Lens on a Ikelite flat port, ideally in combination with MFT (e.g. GH5) ? i know the Lens should ideally be as close as possible to the lens of the Dome but there seems to be no Information on that, making it difficult to Tell whether this might work or not. Cheers
  2. Well, you took these shots with artificial light so that's not a good comparison
  3. Wow, this looks very sharp! Would you recommend the new WWL-C over the WWL-1? I am now contemplating which system to go for. Seems like the WWL-C is cheaper an also compatible with some APSC Camera such as the A6500. I might opt for either WWL-C or WWL-1 and choose either a EM5 III, EM1 II or A6500 :),
  4. Thanks everyone! @Interceptor121 you convinced me. However, ist really true that you can shoot practically full open without the need of stepping down with a WWL-1 + 14-xxmm Lens? So I can shoot f4 with the WWL-1 where I would need to step down to at least f11 with a FF + 8/9" dome? This review sounds very different: https://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/nauticam-wwl1-review-tests "Micro Four Thirds Conclusion Overall all three lenses are great and each can serve its specific purpose well. If you are looking for a fairly wide lens, with flexibility for zooming and are more concerned about sharpness and quality, sticking with the native lens like the 9-18mm or 7-14mm are best." This confuses me as they recommend native lenses + dome instead of the WWL-1? @hyp well, this wouldn't allow me to zoom and I prefer to be able to zoom at least to some extent.
  5. I So you’re saying that combining a Sony 16-35 with a Ikelite 8inch Dome won’t lead to good results? More important role for what? Corner sharpness? I see the biggest gain in dynamic range, especially at depth. I would guess that color recovery will be a lot better than with my current system, or? Does the WWL-1 will allow to use a much lower aperture (e.g f3.5)? The WB issue is not that dominant anymore in the new Sony A7III and A7IV.
  6. Thanks to everyone for you comments! i am doing both - freediving an scuba diving. Most of the time actually Scuba. Due to my budget limit I will not be able to afford a Nauticam housing. It will most likely be an Ikelite + 8inch Dome Port. The WWL-1 looks great but as written above, the whole Nauticam system will get super expensive and I guess it is not compatible with Ikelite. Furthermore, I also like to shoot WA on land so I will need to buy a WA Lens anyways. I m aware that I’ll need to stop down with a FF Sensor but currently I am using the Olympus 7-14 2.8 pro and anything below f7 creates really soft corners (6inch dome). So f11 is not that much of a difference. The fisheye thing is not that important at the moment. There are also Metabone or FTZ adapters that allow to use Canons or Nikons fisheye lenses. Regarding white balance: I have read sooo much and it seems Canon is a lot better than Sony (A7III ) and quite a bit better than Nikon. Though, Setting WB with the EOS R requires a ridiculous amount of steps and it doesn’t let you save them. Same is true for the 5dmIV. If I have to set WB over and over again I am not really winning anything by choosing a canon. This really frustrates me ... it seems like there is no perfect solution even though it wouldn’t require not a lot from a manufacturer perspective. So would you suggest Nikon over Sony in this regards? Or do you really believe Inwint gain anything by switching systems?
  7. I am currently using a Olympus OMD EM10 II and starting t reach its limits in terms of dynamic range, resolution etc. (see my instagram profile https://www.instagram.com/freediver87/ I have and will shoot only ambient light and therefore are looking to upgrade to FF. I don't want to spend too much money as this is just a hobby and I am not making money with my pictures. After reading for many many hours I still cannot decide which system to choose. It is such a big investment that depreciates relatively fast and I therefore don't want to make a wrong decision. How / what I shoot: I shoot mainly UWA and would go for a 14-30 (Canon) or 16-35 (Sony), maybe a fisheye in the future... Photography > Videography but I don't want to scarify too much as I might do more video in the future. I know you can correct everything in RAW but white balance is really important to me, especially for Video. Which system would you recommend? Sony A7III, Nikon Z6 or even a Canon? Thanks in advance for your help! :)
  8. Thank you! It's still available and now I narrowed my choices to sticking with the Olympus and selling my Laowa in exchange for one of the 7-14mm zooms or switching to a a6300 + Ikelite housing as well. Which one of these camera are better for ambient light shooting? Em10ii or A6300? Is there much of a difference? Thank you!
  9. I am looking for weeks now but I can't find a used housing for my EM10 ii, So will have to buy a new one which is roughly the same price as a a6300+seafrog salted + 10-18mm ...
  10. Hi, I have already researched for dozens of hours but I wasn't able to find a "solution" for my needs and budget. I am currently using a Olympus Em10 II with a couple of lenses (Laowa 7.5mm, Lumix 20mm 1.7, Oly 45mm 1.8 and Lumix 12-32mm). Initially I considered purchasing a cheap housing for my Olympus but there are no more Meikon housings and those that have been available don't offer interchangeable domes. This led me to look into Ikelite housings but with a dome etc. I might end up spending 1800€ for a housing that probably does not support my beloved laowa and therefore requires me to buy a new WA lens. Furthermore, spending nearly 2k on Housing for a camera I might upgrade in 1 or 2 years doesn`t sound like a good solution. Now I have been looking into other cameras etc. and was considering to buy a A6300 or A6500 and the new sea frog salted line. However, as mentioned in the Title, I would like to shot photo and video with ambient light and from what I could find out, all Sonys have a really bad WB. As far as I know, only Olympus and Canon offer a good WB underwater, correct? What would you recommend me? Wide angle capability Ambient Light Photo and Video Budget: 2000€ + 1000€ (in case I switch systems and sell my 4/3 stuff) I am open to buy used equipment Thank you!!
  11. This is Dennis from Germany and about to start photographing underwater.
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