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  1. Complete Nikon D800 Camera and Aquatica Underwater Housing Complete with: -Nikon D800 Body -Nikkor 60mm macro lens -Nikkor 17mm to 35mm lens -Close-up Diopter -Sigma 15mm Fisheye lens -2 x Inon Z-240 Strobes -2 x strobe cables -2 x strobe arms -2 x .5 diffusers -2 x 1.5 diffusers -3 x camera batteries -3 x camera battery chargers -8 x Eneloop Batteries for strobes -1 Eneloop battery charger -4 x 32gb Media Cards - Aquatica D800 Underwater Housing - Internal Leak Alarm - Flat port for Macro lens - Focus gear 60mm - Aqua View viewfinder extension - Regular flush mount viewfinder - Glass Dome Port for wide angle - Port Extension for Nikkor 17-35 lens - Zoom Gear 17 - 35 lens - Focus Gear 17 - 35 lens - Lens shades for lenses for dry photos - Red Body caps for housing and ports Aquatica housing just went through complete annual inspection and has been pressure tested with brand new o-rings Complete system asking $6000 plus shipping from Hawaii I am willing to sell the complete housing, strobes and case for $4500 (Nikon D800 and lenses etc excluded for this price)
  2. New to Wetpixel and saw this. I would agree with Christophe about 360 moving to more cinematic. I also think it will follow a similar market like Imax films and be used in Aquariums and Museums. Here is a link to some work I have been doing here:
  3. I have donated and have helped the LA Waterkeepers (https://www.lawaterkeeper.org/) and Channelkeepers (https://www.sbck.org/) in California they are both part of the Waterkeeper Alliance (https://waterkeeper.org/) which has other chapters and offer volunteer opportunities
  4. Hello new to Wetpixel. I have been working in underwater photography and film since 1992. I am currently shooting underwater 360 VR here in Hawaii. Cheers! Tom
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