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  1. For your consideration is a barely used Ikelite 5505.5 flat lens port. Looks like this port is considered obsolete by Ikelite. I think I used this with a Canon 100mm macro lens once on Cape Cod and once in the Bahamas. Asking $30 + shipping, OBO
  2. For sale is a set of Ikelite DS-125 strobes with NiMH battery packs (#4066.5, from 2007 and 2009), flex arms for quick-release tray handles, charger, dual sync cord (#4103.52), and original ball mounts for connecting regular arm sets. There's also an extra set of flex arm mounts, too. The strobes have the original diffusers and lanyards. Bulbs are good. I appreciated the quick maneuverability of the flex arms, having had regular arms in the past. I think I bought this set with a housing about ten years ago here on Wetpixel. Used it a few times in the Bahamas and in a swimming pool, all in shallow water. Tested in a pool last summer and the batteries still held plenty of charge and the strobes worked well (with Ikelite housing for 5D Mk II, which I'm holding on to). The toggle pawl on the older strobe broke, so I ordered a replacement kit and installed it (2017). There's an extra latch in the spare parts pile as a result. Buyer should probably upgrade the o-rings on the battery packs and in the sync cord. I'd prefer to sell to a buyer in the U.S. but I am open to shipping overseas. PayPal or Venmo for payment. I'm in eastern Massachusetts, in case someone local wants to buy and save on shipping costs. $600 + shipping costs, OBO
  3. Pair of Ikelite DS-125 substrobes with NiMH batteries, flex arms, regular ball mounts, spare flex-arm mounts, dual sync cord, charger, and spare battery latch. (I replaced one battery toggle, but the latch itself was fine.) I just don't use these very much anymore—married, kids, don't dive much anymore, blah blah blah—so I'm looking to sell them. Asking $700 plus shipping. PM with email address for photos of the gear.
  4. Thanks very much for your thorough reply. We're pretty sure we'll go next summer (possible we'll opt for April if it's less expensive, less crowded, and better for seeing cetaceans) so it's very helpful to get info about the dive sites, water temperature, and what to do. Nice shots!
  5. Thanks, Ali. We will definitely check out your place and get back to you if we commit to visiting the Azores.
  6. Thinking of taking a family trip (as young as 5 to as old as 80) in summer 2019 to the Azores. About half of us would be interested in doing some diving and/or whale watching and possibly whale swimming if the permits aren't too expensive. (We did the whale swim experience in Tonga last summer and loved int.) If the prospects are good I will bring my u/w photography setup. Happy to take advice on where to stay, what to do, how to get around, too. We'd be flying there from Boston, most likely. Mostly looking to just chill out, drink some wine, eat some seafood, and enjoy the views. Thanks.
  7. Just found an extra zoom sleeve 5509.28, so I'll throw that in as well. Unused adhesive pads.
  8. Used Ikelite 5505.5 port for 4.5-5.5" macro lenses. $100. Hasn't been used in four years, and just sold the lens I used with it, so it's currently obsolete for me. Neoprene cover included. Will figure out shipping charge once someone makes an offer.
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