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  1. Getting a few messages directly on this. I am advertising in a few places - not looking to drop the price after one day. If its still unsold after two weeks i would consider a lower offer. Please let me know where you are located and if you can pay by paypal. Thanks in advance.
  2. Sony RX100M2 + Nauticam housing + UWL-04 28mm Wide Angle Wet Lens I have upgraded my beloved Sony Rx100m2. Never flooded. Selling the camera, with double battery charger and 3 x batteries, plus Lowepro case. Also selling Nauticam housing for the Rx100m2 - includes Tray, right and left handles and 2 x ball mounts. In addition I am selling the wet wide angle lens with M67 adapter compatible with this setup. Cost 1400 sterling new - asking less than half - 750 euro obo. Please look at my Instagram account for example of what this camera can do. https://www.instagram.com/hcidiver/ Add a strobe and arms and u have a complete setup. Original Sterling Prices: 17408 NA-RX100II housing for Sony = 684.17 UWL-04 Wide angle lense w/dome x 0.41 for 28mm DC M52 = 304.13 71206 Easitray II with left handle (with 2pcs 1/4'' screws)= 65.00 71208 Adjustable right handle II (for Easitray II & Flexitray II) = 29.17 2 x 71311 Strobe mounting ball for Easitray& Flexitray 2 x 11.67 = 23.34 Sony RX100II Sony RX100II camera = 316.67
  3. Big thanks to fatky90 for a smooth transaction. The housing was perfect, exactly as described and im delighted. Good comms throughout! Thanks
  4. Interested. Still available? im in ireland.
  5. If you end of breaking up - i would have an interest in the housing half (not the camera or lens).
  6. Did you sell it yet? IM looking.
  7. Hello everybody... looking fwd to getting stuck in.
  8. Great thread. Started on a disposable film camera the first season about 12 years ago. If i only knew snorkelling with basking sharks would not happen every season! The pics were terribad but i was hooked. Tried GoPro for a few years loved editing, lost it on a teaching dive. Bought a Nikon AWS 30m jobbie and loved the results until i took it to 32m and flooded it. Picked up a Sony Rx100ii and went hard at it for a few years in a Nauticam with some InonZ240s. Really enjoyed the results but only saw the flaws and decided to move up again. Sonys menu and system really is easy to use so i am currently working towards buying a housing for the A7Rii - - > not sure where ill end up but enjoying the journey.
  9. Nice. Im trying to build out a A7Rii rig now, havent settled on a housing yet. Looking at Nauticam and Aquatica and EasyDive. Post1
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